Five-Hundred Word Challenge 232: The NSW Government is Considering Removing Part of the Royal National Park in Order to Extend a Motorway

Recently it was brought to my attention that the state government of New South Wales was looking to extend a motorway that would allow for more traffic to run from the south of New South Wales into Sydney and the plan is to either buy a bunch of houses which would be costly and take a little while, or to buy a part of the Royal National Park and build through there, which would cost less and take less time.

The Royal National Park is heritage listed and it is not just because it’s a bit of pretty land with some trees and animals. It is actually quite a significant part of the world and should be left “as is” as much as possible.

I think that this plan should be discouraged as much as possible. I don’t like how confident the representative of the state government seemed about their chances of buying the few hectares of land that they wanted to buy for the construction of the motorway. I have my doubts that they’ll be able to get that pushed through because, being the Royal National Park and being that it is quite important for biodiversity, I don’t think any board would be willing to approve some of its removal for a motorway, regardless of how much pressure the state government tries to apply to be successful. However, I do imagine that it still could happen as there are actions that the New South Wales state government have taken that are considered shocking, thoughtless and bad in the past and been met with those actions being seen to completion.

The Royal National park is important. It is not just a location for tourists.

It may only be a small portion of land. It could be seen as insignificant. However, it could end up having a major impact on the life of the animals that inhabit the area. It could end up detrimentally affecting the vegetation and landscape of the area due to the increased amount of traffic that would then be coming through (or near) the Royal National Park.

It allows many of those that work in the science community to conduct research with ease, therefore increasing the speed in which we can gather information as well as try and understand it as there’s less time spent traveling to a location than if your primary location of research was somewhere far west, which also means that the costs that can be associated with conducting research are also reduced.

I don’t think a small parcel of land will affect research too much, but that is not what I am most concerned about when it comes to this plan.

What I am most concerned about is, if this does get approved,  then what is the precedent that this sets for the state government for what it can do when it comes to future projects?

It might be a small bit of land, but it’s always only a small amount.

The time it took to write five-hundred words:  11:23:26

Well, it was slow.
That’s okay.
For the record, I am not against progress and development.
I’m against ideas of this nature.

I think that this is something that should be fought against as though it were the entirety of the Royal National Park was being removed.

That might seem a bit extreme for an option that is only being considered right now, especially for a small part of land, but this is a heritage listed, predominantly natural part of the world.

This is something that the employees of the population of New South Wales should not be considering.

I think that if the populace is interested in protecting what they have, then they need to get that desire across to the New South Wales government as clearly as they can (obviously as peacefully as possible)

There’s a petition available for signing. I don’t think that it is enough, but I think that it is a good start.

Please, if you think that something that is important not just to New South Wales, but to the rest of Australia (and quite possibly the world) should not be removed for construction, then I urge you to sign the petition.

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