Five-Hundred Word Challenge 273: Cycling Game

So recently I found out something that I didn’t know existed.
It turns out that there was a game that you’re meant to play when you’re cycling at night and I’ve only found out that this was a thing that existed.

I kind of wish that I had known sooner because I could have been an active participant.
It’s a shame, really.

Anyway, let me tell you all about this game.

It’s called “Try to blind everyone as much as possible by having your lights set to be as bright as possible”, and what you do is you try to blind everyone as much as possible by having your lights set to be as bright as possible. If you have really powerful lights, it’s much more effective.

I can be a challenging game, but you get bonus points if people can suddenly not see because you’re too much of an asshole to consider that turning your lights downward and making sure that they’re not facing directly ahead to ensure that they do not start staggering and significantly increase the chance of a collision.

At this point I’m really beginning to think that many people who cycle don’t deserve to be anywhere near any form of vehicle.

Just because you have powerful lights does not mean that you get the right to seriously inconvenience other people.

Many cyclists talk about how cyclists need more rights and more safety but aren’t willing to pull their huge heads out of their asses and realise that they’re just as much part of the problem as those that they rally against.

Of course there are cyclists who will say something like “these people don’t represent us, we don’t behave this way; they’re in the minority”.

They do represent all of us cyclists. Shut up and deal with it and start working more toward turning the perception that cyclists are assholes around because the perception is one that is, quite frankly, fair and well-earned.

Too many cyclists have no regard for those around them. Too many are assholes and think it’s okay to have their lights as bright as possible and pointing directly ahead and not down.

Too many cyclists do not seem to understand that this action can lead to serious injury.

We do not rule the road. No one rules the road.
We do not have the right to blind other people with overly-powerful lights.

Surely cyclists should have the temerity to not do stuff like this to other people.
Surely they should have the temerity to treat other cyclists like they’re not a hindrance, so long as those cyclists aren’t actively causi0ng a hindrance.

The cycling community of Sydney is genuinely a strong one and I’m glad to see that it has continued to grow. Cycling is an activity that has far more benefits than it does negatives.

The problem is that too many people seem to think they get to shit on everyone else instead of being kind and active participants.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:56:81

Well, that was an angry rant.

The light thing has been irritating me for a while.
I think it came to a point where I wasn’t going to tolerate it anymore when last week I was cycling home and thought there was a car coming toward me.

It wasn’t a car. It was two people cycling next to each other, taking up the whole path whilst also having their lights be as bright as possible.

Whilst I don’t often mistake cyclists for cars, seeing cyclists have no regard for how they should have their lights set up in a public area is far too common.

Written at UNSW.

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