Five-Hundred Word Challenge 341: You Sound Like one of those Eggheads in Science

Yesterday whilst I was at work there was a conversation about global warming.

At this point in time I’m a little tapped out as I’ve been hearing about climate change going too fast for a few too many semesters.

I know the impacts. I know that things need to change regardless of where your beliefs lie. Give me a bit of a reprieve.

Anyway, so there was a conversation about this and clean coal came up. The person who was explaining how clean coal works tried to say something about how the CO2 is removed in the process.

I told him that you can’t really remove it, to which I was cut off and told “You sound like one of those eggheads in science.” Might not be the exact phrasing, but it is pretty close.

Now I don’t understand as to what is wrong with sounding like a scientist.
Nor do I understand as to why scientists are not trusted unless it is convenient.

You know, there’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of research and actually having an informed view of the world that doesn’t just follow your whimsical view of the world that you really want to hold on to regardless of what challenges that. You can still have a bit of whimsy in your life. There’s nothing wrong with whimsy. There is a problem with being an idiot.

It’s like how the anti-vaccination people don’t do the research because they think they know what is best. Suddenly their kids start getting illnesses that should be considered a rarity and some of these people then go see a doctor and get their kids vaccinated.

I recently read part of an article about how some person changed their views when their kids got sick. They thought that they were smarter than people who followed the advice of doctors. This person has also said that herd mentality allowed them to ignore the advice of doctors, the people who you would expect to be trained in what to do and kept up to date with what the most accurate research is.

Herd mentality is certainly a bad thing in a lot of ways, but it is not a justification for your idiocy.

Scientists get a bad rap unless it is convenient. Science changes. Clean coal is not a real thing and if you think that being disparaging toward someone because you think that the best thing to do is not think or do research, then you need to stop talking.

Reading online conjecture and a paper or two that keep on getting knocked back and successfully challenged, or following the word of some celebrities does not make you informed. Following the research, including that which you may not agree with and keeping an open mind when it comes to your views quite possibly being challenged does make you informed.

There’ is no need to keep your head in the sand and refuse to listen when your uninformed belief is openly challenged.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 14:42:41

Slow, but I think I got my point across.

Written at home.

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