Yasunori Mitsuda: Brink of Time

This was one listen that I kind of threw myself into. I’m pretty familiar with Chrono Trigger; nowhere near as much as a lot of people out there, but familiar enough through playing it a fair bit over the years. As such I’d like to believe that I have a fairly good idea of where a number of the songs are used.

I tried to write more about the feelings related to when “Brink of Time” plays. It still represents the song but it very loosely covers some of the scenes also. I think I could’ve drawn out much more had I written this over a few listens, but as a brief coverage I think this works well enough.

Yasunori Mitsuda’s (光田 康典) “Brink of Time” (“時の最果て”) is from Chrono Trigger‘s soundtrack, Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version.

I hope you enjoy.

A sense of poignancy rings out on these light steps. Upon the sound a story heaviness comes forward and continues floating and permeating as more instrumentation comes in. The sounds dip low, almost as a reinforcement and reinforce they do.

Once more the light steps are on their own and once more it is only for a brief passage, and once more the poignancy carries as sounds return. However, within it all hope to succeed and carry on to something greater, that challenges that weight and sheds it comes forward, and it carries on into what lies beyond as the sounds fade out and the song ends.

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