Boss is the Boss of Them All

During time in Japan, I came across a few vending machines that had Tommy Lee Jones advertising a canned coffee.

I thought the advertising was equal parts odd and funny.

After the first few days seeing this advertising, I decided to buy my first.
The coffee advertised was Boss coffee.

I liked the taste and decided to set out to try as many of the different flavours as I possibly could without going overboard in my consumption of it.

Some were better than others, as is the way of things.
I did go back to some

Overall, I enjoyed drinking them, but will probably not do so again due to how much sugar may be in them.

I decided to take a picture of every Boss coffee I drank (I might have missed a few and not all of the ones I took a picture of are shared here) for reasons that currently elude me.

I think it might’ve had to do with a desire to track as much as I could whilst there.
I’m almost 100% certain it had to do with my thinking it would be ridiculous and fun to show people a bunch of pictures of coffee cans.

However, I do know that I took the last one to be as absurd and ridiculous as I thought I could make it, with the can being held aloft, looking majestic and mighty.

After all, any less would be a disservice, as Boss is the boss of them all.

I hope you enjoy.

20150905_095825 20150906_083100 20150907_135815 20150908_092142 20150909_092737 20150909_094625 20150910_090029 20150910_094826 20150910_151624 20150911_082158 20150911_084505 20150912_091140 20150912_092254 20150912_092533 20150918_103113 20150921_081609

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