Linckoln: Chicago

This was really easy to write and I’m happy about that.
I think I could’ve written a bit different though. This is pretty vague but I think something about the song was captured well enough. Mostly its feel.

Linckoln’s “Chicago” is from Dew.

I hope you enjoy.

Steady the beat pounds whilst waves lap at the shore. Some more percussion and the beat fills out and suddenly some light and airy sounds come through. There’s a joy and perhaps a plastic feel to it all as it all moves on with such a strong sense of the idealistic. Synths upon synths move around, over and through each other whilst a driving beat and bassline keep on moving along and anchoring everything.

It’s all sunny and nice and gliding along. It gets moving and keeps on moving and it just drives on really well whilst some sounds find themselves added in and it almost feels like a scene very far removed perhaps from what it suggests. Maybe it is entirely appropriate, but it just feels really fun and lively and perhaps it is all really a dream and an illusion. Perhaps it is all surface and maybe when the drone comes in it is peeling away the thin veneer of shining and joyous sounds. The sounds fade away and disappear as the drone moves on through, removing all until the sound of waves return as the song ends.

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Trees Under a Dulling Sky

I really like how this image turned out. In a way it feels dramatic and moody but I feel that those are muted, much like the colour in the sky. This is close to night and so there’s a little bit of light left, but it’s getting quiet; at least it is in terms of assigning meaning.

I hope you enjoy.

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Hiroki Kikuta: Another Winter

This was sort of easy to write and sort of not. There were parts where I stumbled and parts where I was able to switch off. As such I think some of this captures something about the song really well, but there are parts that do not.

I think overall this is a bit of an improvement, though also a step back. Very much neither here nor there.

Hiroki Kikuta’s (菊田 裕樹) “Another Winter” (“別の冬”) is from Seiken Densetsu 3 Original Sound Version, the soundtrack for Seiken Densetsu 3.

I hope you enjoy.

An open space allows a sense of small and quiet to come forward. Strings firmly staccato whilst percussive sounds twinkle on down. Soon a bit more sound comes in, muted. There is more percussion and it seems rolling whilst something akin to woodwind draws out with a gentle flow.

The quiet is there and perhaps there is something that seems magical about all of this. There is plenty of space and there is plenty of openness but there is a focus. There’s also some whimsy, even as the sounds move through different sections, coming in and out as required. The sounds are specific and what they conjure is also specific.

Soon something almost like a sense of looking outward comes forward. The sound of a bell among others cradle an answer and a destination and it all seems vast and quiet, and perhaps even closed off. It is difficult to tell.

The sounds continue on with their movement toward something they need to walk toward and there’s a cold that creeps on in. The strings continue their stepping forward and the percussion continues its twinkling. Other sounds continue building and falling away and eventually they fade out and the song ends.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1138: A Load of Tired

Once again I am tired and once again I need to get through a whole bunch of things so I can get a few other things done. This is what I do to myself and I need to stop doing it but I likely won’t. However, I can confirm that there was little, if any procrastination today.

There is going to be no hour of power this evening but I am going to try and power through the next thirty minutes. Maybe even more minutes. I’m not sure and it depends on a few things and I’m going to try, but I’m not trying to get a load of things done. I can take my time if I so wish.

Sometimes I wonder if there is any value in what I do and create and the answer is that there is and there is not. As that is all I wanted to say on that matter I’m just going to talk about other things now.

Trying to relax soon and there certainly will be relaxation. I’ve less to worry about this evening than I have in a good long while and so I’m pretty chuffed about that. However, there still are things I need to worry about. I need to write and then I need to do some chores and cook and slowly I will disappear into the banal and become something less interesting though I likely already was uninteresting and just deluded myself into believing otherwise. It’s a thing that happens and I’m good at it, but maybe I’m not and what I’m saying right now is a smokescreen of sorts.

However, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I need to try and find the context to all of this and it is a journey that has no end as there is no context beyond the context that I’m not going to bother writing about at the present moment due to being tired and lazy, or something. Anyway. as the journey has no end it is more about the journey than the destination and so therefore it is about learning and growing and becoming a greater person.

Then I will return and I will throw my hands up in the air and admit the defeat I’ve been handed, but of course I will truly be a victor as I gained so much during the journey and maybe I’ll go on another one. However, the other one will have an end but it won’t be the end I thought it would have, so therefore things change and take form and shift and all that other stuff, but it ends up mostly being the same thing anyway and sometimes that’s a nice thing. Sometimes a bit of repetition is fine, but it always depends on the kind of repetition that you’re getting and so I don’t want to get the wrong kind of repetition going.

Maybe it’ll not be repetition but will be subtle in its change. Who knows?

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:37:07

Bit of a struggle but I think that’s more due to being tired than anything else.
A messy evening ramble so nothing special, but it feels familiar which is… fine?

Written at home.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1137: Closing An Hour of Power Again

Technically I finished the hour of power with enough things to consider it a success but I decided to keep going for a little bit longer. Not sure if that was a good idea but it is what I have done and so I am still going now, but I think this will be the last thing to go up for at least a few hours as I’ve a few reviews I need to work on and that’s going to be a fair bit of intensity as there are very few hours I have available to get them done, but we’ll see what happens.

I think that doing these bursts of creating are good some of the time. If it was what I did all of the time I’d probably get really good at doing them in terms of efficiency, but I also think I’d get really bad at actually creating. Some people are good at making heavy use of repeated activity that forces creativity; I don’t think I am one of them. I think that sometimes I need to rest and step back a bit from things because I spread myself thin and I get little done.

I think that this was pretty fruitful this time around, however. I just got through what I was doing with a great deal of ease and some of the stuff from this run I think works well within the context of said run. Outside of that I’m not sure and maybe that is a good thing. Sometimes it is good to have a bit of uncertainty about things as it can help with growth. Sometimes you don’t learn at all and you just accept that.

Who am I to say what is better in any given situation? All I can do is make suggestions and inferences and hope that I’m not going in the wrong direction.

So anyway, I think in saying all of that I can get on with other things as there are other things to get on with, but there are always other things to get on with, I just keep getting on with them and then I’ll come back here and do some more things, then get on with other things and so on and so forth and it just keeps on going on, but life is full of things to do and it is a good thing to keep on doing them. Sometimes it is good to take a break and sometimes it is good to work, but few can do either constantly without burning out.

I feel like that was patronising to write.

I’ve a few words left and I’m unsure as to how I should use them, but I will use them in a way that implies that I am not unsure. I don’t want anyone thinking I know not how to use words and so I need to keep up the image of an expert on the use of words, even though I’m not.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:54:43

This was easy to write but there was a bit where I got stuck for longer than I desired.
Such is the way of things.

Reads kind of okay. It’s not hard to read but there definitely is some drawing out in places.

Written at home.

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On Stephellaneous

I don’t know how this is going to turn out as I haven’t written something like this in a while, though you could probably argue that I have and I imagine that you’d be more correct than I. However, I’m trying to work out how I’m going to write what I’m going to write and perhaps doing it in this manner is doing who I’m going to write about a great disservice.

Anyway, there is a person who I’ve plugged here before, and even though they are now mostly, if not completely inactive, I’m going to plug them again. I think they’re a great friend; certainly one of the best I’ve had over the last six years, but more importantly I think they are a great writer.

The person I’m talking about is Stephellaneous and she ran Stephellaneous. There’s the link and I strongly suggest reading what she wrote. Some of it may not be appealing or entertaining, but there was a lot of meaning in her writing.

I’m not sure as to the best way to go about singing her praises. The writing speaks for itself and it speaks clearly. There’s little room for misinterpretation which suited the subject matter(s) quite well. The writing is clear; it’s smooth, it reads well and when there’s narrative it flows like narrative.

What else is there to say, really? That pretty much sums it up nicely. However, I need to keep crapping on and so I will keep crapping on.

The thing is there was a lot of life lived in those writings and it takes a lot to allow certain amounts of personal experience into a public space. There was probably a lot that Stephellaneous held back and I’m not going to comment on that as it’s not my place. What I can say is that she knew how to write how she wrote.

I think I said that already.

She knew what she was comfortable baring and she wrote it in a way that held attention. It was and remains good writing and there’s a lot that can be learned from how that writing reads.

Stephellaneous is still in my life and for that I am thankful. I have a great friend, of which are few in life and should always be treasured. However, I do wish she would return to writing.

She has said she doesn’t have anything left to say, but I feel that she can always say a lot more. There’s a lot she hasn’t said and there’s a lot she can still say. As a friend I want to see her keep on creating. As a fan I want to see her keep on writing and so I often hassle her about it, even though I probably shouldn’t.

Stephellaneous is a really creative person and should create more, but she’d rather ride her chicken and marmoset-powered rocket ship throughout the cosmos rescuing innocents from the ironclad grasp of tyranny. Sure, this is a noble cause and sometimes it involves moving the clouds so that they can bring peace and prosperity to the planets whilst the caribou grows on the sweat of the brow of  those that are tormented by the sun’s unholy abyss. Sometimes it involves watching the plants grow as the rocks grow old and talk of the experience that they cannot share. However, there is little denying that if the fish truly are to leap through the water and back into the water in order to put on a display that we cannot understand as we are not fish and we do not know the minds of fish and their many fucking secrets that they refuse to share, then the tears of blood shall be shed as the gaping maw swallows that which is not to be due to its contradiction to the very act of living.

So anyway, I just wanted to write about Stephellaneous and her writing. I cherish her friendship and I think she’s a good writer.

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Daniel Pinilla: Intuiciones

I just threw myself into this one also, just to see what the result would be and I think this one turned out better in terms of description. I think I could’ve lost myself a little more in the song but I didn’t and so this suffered for that, but I also think I got a sense of mood and imagery across that I wouldn’t have had I not just jumped into this.

Daniel Pinilla’s “Intuiciones” is from Intuiciones.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar dances and moves around with a little bit of swing and display, and smoothness comes forward through notes that seem stiff for they are not. Melody reveals itself through the guitar’s movements and it keeps itself friendly and gentle.

It moves with an ease and grace and keeps things sounding simple. Sometimes it puts on a little more of a display but it keeps its displays small. It does not exaggerate and in a room it is alone, though also surrounded. It makes use of its space to make the notes linger a little more than had the space not been afforded.

Eventually the guitar picks up a little and throws in more notes but it does not deviate from the main melody and carries it forward. Perhaps there is something romantic in here; perhaps there is not, but there certainly is something that is pleasant. It is just an easy thing to listen to and it carries a journey, even when it shifts to something that perhaps is more of a night winding down. The guitar hasn’t been the liveliest but it certainly carried a liveliness, but toward the end it seems to relax even more. It moves toward closing and it has one last little burst of something but it still is lowering and relaxing and reaches its final note, drawing it out slightly as the song ends.

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Max Cooper: Hope

So I threw this song on and thought I’d get a fair bit more out of what was happening.
There was no planning; No preparation; nothing. I just threw myself into it after quickly going through a bunch of artists, thought it would be a good song to do and jumped into the writing.

I think the result is okay. I wasn’t thinking too much and focusing a lot more on the sound which is a good thing. I also think the meaning behind the words here carry forward a lot better. Bit rough however, but that’s not saying much as most of these are.

Max Cooper’s “Hope” is from One Hundred Billion Sparks.

I hope you enjoy.

A great yawning off in a distance slowly comes into a bit of detail. It stretches across horizons unseen and it keeps on going, becoming something focused and detailed with utter smoothness. It seems to dip low and produces a warmth that carries things into an  expanding space. The space comes from the sound and it starts to echo out before suddenly shrinking back down. It seems hesitant; it wants to bring out a full display and yet it is not sure it it should.

Once again the yawning starts expanding, revealing itself as more than just that and it comes through with a greater warmth. It is cozy and comfortable and it keeps on moving outward with a greater smoothness than before, though this time rather than pull back it fades out as though it was just a vague suggestion, and the song ends.

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Shine a Light

Here’s a less close photo of these sandstone chunks.

When I was taking this photo I was trying to get something moody. I think it came through. Detail is a bit low on the subject which makes this more about the light than any particular object, I think. That said, I do like the lighting. It does help create a certain kind of atmosphere.

I hope you enjoy.

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The Reason Dream

I was hanging out with a bunch of people and were were sort of on the street but also in a sort of small space that may have been a shop. I don’t really know. I do know that there were quite a few of us.

One of the people said something to me about how they were going to play a protest song and so a song started playing through the air. It may have been coming from some speakers but I didn’t see any. I do know, however, that it was loud enough to be clearly audible.

So the song started and it was “The Reason” and it had some electronic elements to it that made it a little weird, but otherwise it was completely faithful to the original. Everyone started singing and I’m not sure if it sounded like one voice or many. I thought that Westlife did it better and I decided to leave as I had better things to do.

I went to this road that was next to an apartment block. The road had a sheltering over it and a bunch of my stuff was there. I had to move it there as I think I helped someone move into the apartment and some of my stuff was mixed in with theirs so I had to grab it at some point and they left t outside for me.

I walked up to the CD cabinet that was there and saw a bunch of CDs that I couldn’t locate though one of them I knew where it was, but it was there for some reason. Then I heard this disapproving smooth grumble and it kept on repeating. I look around and I see this person standing there constantly facing me. Their arms were crossed and I went to approach them but they took off whilst still facing me. Their movement was similar to the movement you see someone do in a game when they’re moving erratically whilst facing you.

They got pretty far and moved all over the place whilst doing this disapproving grumble whilst facing me but eventually we got close enough. This person started arguing with me and I explained to them that I was grabbing my stuff and asked what was wrong with that but they kept on arguing with me. I tried to work out if I should film this or not as they were being completely unreasonable.

Then I woke up.

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