One Track for the Platform

A photo of a space that feels abandoned, and perhaps it is due to it being part of the Lithgow Blast Furnace Ruins site… I think.

There is a quietness and perhaps a little bit of sadness in this photo, but there also is history. There’s a story of sorts.

Overall, a moody photo.

I hope you enjoy.

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Against Fog

A rather minimal photo, this one.

I like bare branches and I like how they can add a certain kind of feeling to an image if used properly. I don’t think I did so here, but I still like the result.

There’s a nice amount of space that helps things feel quite stark, and it’s easy to be drawn to the form of the branches.

I hope you enjoy.

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A Poem About a Long Drive

This is a really rough writing.
I probably didn’t need to put all of this in poem format, but I did, so here you go.
Really uneven and somewhat-vague. Could’ve been much better.

I hope you enjoy.

It begins in the morning
Sounds low and muted
The droning hum increases
As many join the bitumen

It comes and goes
As spaces widen
Whilst pathways narrow
To preserve direction

Features rise and fall
Constantly during motion
They’re formless and uniform
Yet differing in details

The path turns and leads
Yet seems lacking
For it stretches
From day to night

Afternoon arrives
Illumination increases
A mass of others
Appear for some moments

The scenery changes
Cast within light
In this shining moment
Day’s last hours fall

The sounds become
A solitary hum
Until a new collective
Finds itself seen

From there flow expands
Until the path diverges
As the journey concludes
It ends in the night

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 949: Continue to Pretend

Yesterday was a long day, but I’ll get into that in the next bit of writing as right now that is not what this bit of writing is about.

Currently I sit in an awkward position. It does not make the writing of this an easy endeavor, but it is what I am doing at the moment and so I shall continue to persist.

Not that far in and already I’m writing as though I’m struggling. I shouldn’t be writing in that manner until much, much later. This is not good. I don’t know as to how to pull out of this. Maybe there is no pulling out of this tailspin of sorts. Maybe it’s a strong descent the whole way down. If that is indeed the case, then where do I go from here? Is there anywhere to go from here? Is there any point in worrying about the whole thing?

Does it matter at all?

I don’t know what to do. I want to nap. I want to sleep. However, sleep is something that I won’t do right now as there is no time for sleep! Even though there is time for sleep, there is no time for sleep and therefore I shall not sleep right now. I will do it later. For now I will just keep on crapping on about whatever it is that I’m going on about, which I guess in this instance is about the struggle of writing something when I know not what it is that I’m writing about and want to write about something else, though that will take more time and so I am saving it for after this bit of writing, so maybe this is just the preamble. We’ll find out soon enough, however.

Maybe instead of doing this I should just try and focus on what it is that I do want to write, but I don’t want to do that, or maybe I do, and maybe want to do it in this space, but perhaps I’m just stalling for time. Would not be the first time and most definitely won’t be the last time, but of course I cannot admit to that as it is much easier to pretend that all of this is worthy content and you just don’t “get it” as that makes me sound more important than I am and all of that other stuff and so on and so forth and you get the idea.

However, that is currently neither here nor there and so I will continue to pretend and all that other stuff as it is better that way. Besides which, my hands are cold as currently I am not where I usually am, which has nothing to do with the temperature of my hands, but right now it is a little colder than usual, but I don’t know as to where I am going with this and so I will continue to crap on about stuff until the end of this.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:39:31

A bit of cold writing.
Not anything great, but it’s a start for today.

Written in Melbourne.


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Cliff in Fog

Another long day.

This was taken last week. More working with fog to create “bleak” and “moody” imagery.

A bit of space on this one which I think helps to draw attention to the geological structure a bit more.

I hope you enjoy.

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Standing on a Warning

I was hoping to have some writing done today but the day has been rather busy, so \ here is a photo of a silver gull atop a warning sign.

I can’t quite remember as to what it was that I was going for when I took this photo, but I am happy with the result.

I hope you enjoy.

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No Fishing at any Time

I really like the space in this photo. It feels endless, which I guess that, depending on your point of view, it is. I also like how it kind of makes the image feel minimal and “bleak”.

Part of the reason as to why no fishing is allowed in this area is due to there being pollutants being found in the fish. The water here is not clean and it likely will not be for a long time.

This is my submission into Leanne Cole‘s “Monochrome Madness” for this week.
I suggest checking out Leanne’s photography, as well as checking out what other people submit.

A lot of what people are submitting will likely end up here.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 948: Sometimes a Plan

Sometimes when I sit down to do things I feel as though I have a plan. Sometimes I feel as though this plan will see itself come to fruition through a combination of a few things; one of which is actually doing the things that I need to do in order to make the thing happen. However, seldom it is that this actually happens and so often I end up falling behind in what it is that I want to do which is often followed by bemoaning my fate, though not really. There is no bemoaning of the fate, although I do make that claim as I need to make this dramatic and the only way I can do that is by making unsubstantiated claims, so yeah.

Sometimes I sit down and I go in with no plan and sometimes that works out far better than I’d usually expect. Such is the way of things. I don’t often know how things will turn out, but I do know that if I don’t apply myself, then little, if anything will turn out; Well, that’s not entirely true, but it is not often that through lack of application of any amount  I come up with anything, but such is the way of things.

Now, you may be wondering as to where I am going with this. To be honest, I don’t know. I haven’t thought this through very much. I’m just rambling and going on about this. There will be more rambling to come. I don’t have a plan and I don’t have a solution. there is no path to follow and this is all rather aimless. How like everything else that I write. However, perhaps there is a twist this time around.

Now, I cannot confirm if there is indeed a twist or not, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. However, what it is that I can confirm is that I do know as to there being a twist, or no twist at all. That is what I do know and therefore I can use this to create something shocking, or something.

However, I must consider the possibility that there is a twist that I know not of, which of course would mean I would be caught by surprise myself. If that happens, then I have no idea as to what it is that I will do.

Maybe there is a way for me to find out what the twist is (assuming there is even one), and in my preempting it, defeating the twist and therefore being ahead of the curve. However, there always is the possibility that maybe I can’t do this and then I’ll be caught in the twist, therefore allowing it to have the final word, or something.

Then that would be the twist of twists and therefore I am not able to surmount the challenge of which I have set myself, so I think instead I’ll aim to go with the implied flow.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:33:75

When I started this I was hoping to go for one thousand words but it quickly dawned on me that I was not up to that for the time being.

Not great writing, but better than the last few, I think.

Written at home.


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A Sprawl From Afar

A photo of Sydney CBD (as well as some surrounding suburbia) from a distance.

I think this photo makes the area look less compressed than usual, which probably is in part due to some suburban structure visible in the shot.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 947: Fresh Laziness

Alright, so today is a fresh one.

I am hoping to get out as many words as I possibly can before the start of my shift and that probably won’t happen, but you never know with these things.

I think I can manage more than one and less than… an amount that is greater than one. We’ll just have to- see, though that is something that is always part of the thing with the writing, so… yeah.

Anyway, I sit here and I wait. I spend time waiting and then once it all begins I spend some more time waiting, but of course the thing that I am waiting for changes.

The shift has started and luckily enough I am in the quiet section. I have a low amount of work to do and so I must find other thigs to do, but it is always easiest spent sitting down and doing nothing, for that is the way that the day rots away and therefore I can drift off to somewhere else.

I can try and find myself in the clouds and see how I’m doing, but perhaps that would be a little too intense of a thing to do as it would mean stepping out of myself and all of that other stuff, and personally I don’t feel like going on a journey like that at the moment as it takes up a lot of time and time is something in short supply. I don’t think I can spare the time at the present moment. There are other things that I could do, however, but of course I will not do them as it is easier to sit down and wait for the day to move onto whatever next thing that comes my way is. It’s a cycle and right now I’m peddling harder than usual.

So anyway, from here I guess what I need to cover is something that implies some sort of progress. However, there is no progress from where this bit of writing started. It ends where it started which is with very little value in the grand scheme of things, but that’s okay as today is a slow day. It could be much, much worse, so therefore I feel alright with this bit of writing going nowhere. Maybe it should go somewhere. Maybe from here it can transform into something beautiful, but of course that is forever in doubt as that is not what I want to do at this particular moment. At this particular moment in time and in space I want to let the day continue to drift on and off into nothingness. I don’t want to see any achievement coming from what it is that I’m doing and so that is the way the whole thing shall progress.

Perhaps that is not the best attitude and angle I should take at the moment, but that is what I am doing and I shall continue onward until I no longer feel like it.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:36:01

Another bit of writing that was a struggle to write.
I think that in this particular instance it is due to being rather tired.
Doesn’t really justify the quality of the writing though.

Written at home.

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