Masafumi Takada: Angel’s Despair

I wrote this over four listens and thought I’d get more out of the song than I did, but apparently I was incorrect.

In a way it was easy to write about, but I feel as though I could’ve dug deeper. Alas.

Masafumi Takada’s (高田 雅史) “Angel’s Despair” is from the soundtrack for Killer7Killer7 Original Sound Track.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar stretches out over a big beat. It moves and glides with a hardness as other sounds join in and enunciate. There is a sense of the slick, of the odd and the off. Something is awry, even as the sounds rise and fall.

A repeat and the guitar seems to start and stop, becoming more rhythmic and seemingly percussive. The beat remains steady. The other sounds stay drawing out, setting a scene. It is almost a sense of joy that comes forward, but that sense of something being awry sticks, even as all suddenly ends.

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Bowery Electric: Fear of Flying

I thought of a word I feel I should have used whilst I was writing this, but now I can’t remember what that word was. Oh well.

I had a bit of difficulty writing about this one. “Fear of Flying” is not quite in the background and not quite in the foreground and I think maybe that threw me off as I wasn’t in the right mindset for rambling about what was going on.

Bowery Electric’s “Fear of Flying” is from Beat.

I hope you enjoy.

A low loop gives way to some muted ambience. Shortly after a steady beat follows and sound layers upon itself. There’s a sense of faded to it and it almost seems at odds with the beat as it drones and pulses. Bass comes in and plays a relaxed groove and all ties together.

Soon the vocals come in, seemingly detached and otherworldly. Words are drawn out and it almost seems dreamlike, though it also seems to speak true to reality.

The sounds have space to breathe and they seem to float and drift upon themselves, casting impressions and creating scenes. Slowly an enveloping occurs and the rhythm is felt. It all glides along and remains steady and focused, even through the smallest of changes.

Rich and as vague as it is specific, the sounds continue on with their dreamy groove and fade out as the song ends.

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Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi: Kuon: Memories of Waves and Light

This mostly came easy. I think I stopped a few times but I was still able to get out a fair bit for one listen. I think this is due to not focusing so much on what was happening and sticking more with a vague impression. Maybe.

Noriko Matsueda (松枝 賀子) and Takahito Eguchi’s (江口 貴勅) “Kuon: Memories of Waves and Light” (” 久遠 ~光と波の記憶~”) is from Final Fantasy X-2‘s soundtrack, Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

Slow and steady, melancholic. Piano rises and falls and a slight shimmer forms and falls away in the background. Something comes forward, droning, almost ephemeral. Faint wisps of something that once was form and almost complete an image but the piano keeps on and the image is never clear.

Sounds fill out and a sadness and longing come forward. The piano crests upon itself whilst that image remains vague, distant. It is known but it is unreachable.

The piano finds a sentimentality and pauses a few times as it goes low and perhaps a little more inward. A blooming upward and the main melody returns.

Once more vague sounds arise in the background and soon something seems to flourish and come clear, almost. A percussive strike and those vague sounds come to the forefront just as the song ends.

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Morning at the Port

Taken last week, this photo was.

I thought the colour from the sun would come through a bit more. To be fair it was a bit more on the subtle side, but I didn’t do a good enough job of capturing it, I think.

I feel that the way the clouds and light sit in this photo kind of takes away some of the port’s harshness, and I’m not sure if that is a good thing. Still, it’s a simple photo and it’s kind of aesthetically pleasing.

I hope you enjoy.

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Swan Bathing

When I took this photo it was the first time I’d seen a swan bathe in this manner.
It almost looks like it’s coming to surface rather than floating there. Almost.

I had to crop a lot of this photo out due to some vegetation getting in the way and so this doesn’t have as much space as I would have liked, but I do like that it’s a little easier to see the water coming off the swan.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1099: Just a Quick One

Just a quick one before I get back to work.

I want to make sure that I can still write quickly, or at least as quickly as I would like to write. I don’t know of this will work but I’m feeling sorry for myself and all that, so I want to see if I can indeed pull this off. Hopefully I do, but we’ll see.

Now the issue is that I’m thinking about this and I’ve nothing else to think about as this is currently what is inhabiting my mind and so I need to think of something else in the hopes that I can make this interesting in the way that it needs to be interesting, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to get there. Stuck on a loop and stuck on a treadmill, just burning myself out and we’re not even half of the way through the writing. Sometimes that is what happens and today that is what is happening. Maybe there are other times where it could happen, but that previous sentence covers that and so I need to think of what else I can throw into this in order to make sure that I get to the end in one segment instead of multiple segments.

Of course I could segment the writing, but then that might cause other issues so I won’t do that and instead I’ll do something else. I’ll try and stay upright and in my trying to stay upright I’ll keep on banging on the keyboard. I’ll keep on going and keep on hoping and in all of that I will keep on doing. Maybe I’ll get to the end and then I’ll look back and go “that was really slow”, but somehow I think I might successfully avoid doing so.


Sometimes I wonder as to why I persist in writing here. I’ve already decided that this will come to an end and I’ve decided that it will be sooner rather than later, but I keep on pushing on and in doing so I keep on postponing the inevitable. Maybe I have issues with letting go of this place, but I’m not going to get into that as I don’t want to and I’d much rather keep on speeding off into the distance.

There is a horizon and it is eternal. I keep trying to reach it and I keep not reaching it, for it remains out of reach. However, I still keep on going. It is a pointless task, but there is a lot to learn along the way and in that learning I discover and so on and so forth and you all get the idea.

Where I go from here is probably over there, but we’ll see how it all pans out. So long as I keep on going and keep on pushing on, but soon I will find myself at the end of this writing and therefore will have to start a new ramble.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 04:59:34

Just under five minutes is pretty fast so I achieved what I set out to achieve, but I do feel so much of this could’ve been better.

Written at home.


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Sleeping Goose

Last week I saw a goose sleeping.
Decided to take a photo, as evidenced by the photo below.

This is my submission into the one hundred-and-ninety-eighth Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

The theme for this one is “Light and Shadow“.

The host of the Lens-Artists challenges cycles weekly between the following people:

Week 1 – Patti

Week 2 – Ann-Christine aka Leya

Week 3 – Amy

Week 4 – Tina

This year three people are joining the Lens-Artists team:

John Steiner of Journeys with Johnbo

Sofia Alves of  Photographias

Anne Sandler of Slow Shutter Speed

As such the above hosting order is likely to change.

This one is curated by Patti. The next one is curated by Leya.

I recommend participating in the challenges. They’re enjoyable and allow room for interpretation of the theme without straying too far. If you don’t participate, then I recommend that you at least check out what others of the Lens-Artists community are submitting.

I hope you enjoy.


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Anas superciliosa

Also known as the pacific black duck.

This is a pretty straightforward shot. Not much to say, though I do like how the duck affects the water.

I hope you enjoy.

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King Crimson: The Power to Believe, Pt. 2

I feel like I was thinking about the song too much and trying to make sense of it even though it makes sense. That said, I do like how some of this turned out.

King Crimson’s “The Power to Believe, Pt. 2” is from The Power to Believe.

I hope you enjoy.

Atop a low rumble percussive sounds plink along. The rumble disappears and something descends and draws out for a moment. Soon guitar hovers and moves about. The plinking returns with more percussive sounds and the hovering buzzes about, occasionally pausing.

Bass comes in with a muted crash and moves about in a way that is as erratic as it is controlled. Rhythm emerges as guitar continues its buzzing motion.

The palette clears and gentler percussive sounds make space. They find a gentleness, even as they build a sense of energy. Melody comes through the tone and all seems to relax. A disembodied voice speaks out as a sweeping ambience comes in which soon is followed by more percussion. Ambience matches the vocals whilst bass occasionally moves into the space and all is calm and clear. Almost a sense of realisation and comfort moves through as percussion plays its beat out with striking clarity. Bass builds on the percussion and the rhythm grooves whilst the guitar floats on as wisps of cloud.

With a smoothness they find a point and slowly fade out of view as the song ends.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1098: Fueled by Stubbornness

Days drift on by and a series of endless events play out in a tedium that is as dull as it is insipid. I’m sitting here and it all plays on by like a roll of film that I’ve lost interest in a long time ago.

Of course that is all a load of crap, but let’s just run with it as it makes for a better plastering of melodrama.

I’m sitting here trying to maintain balance and it’s about as fun as it sounds. Not as bad as last week but it’s still bad. Still unable to do most things but getting better. Just trying to take my time bit time is ticking away and so I feel as though I’m not making good use of my time. Such is the way of things I suppose.

The need to rest is always something that I bristle at as I don’t enjoy being forced into resting. I’d much prefer to be able to go about getting things done, but sometimes you don’t have that option and I should stop being so stubborn and just accept that this is what I currently have to deal with. I don’t want to, but I should. However, I likely won’t. I’ll likely keep on going on with this and I’ll likely keep on being stubborn about the whole thing.

Not the best idea I’ve had, but sometimes you run with silly things.

It is a cold morning and perhaps that is the way that it should be. There have been colder mornings but this one is alright. It is expected as we are inching our way toward an idea of winter that likely won’t feel much like winter. Such is the way of things when we inch toward a future that contains far less stability than it should. Such is the way of things when not enough is done to change.

I sit here, cold and resting and I will eventually warm up, but I also remain stubborn and keep on doing the things that I’m doing. I will soon need to engage in the act of getting ready for work as today is one of those days, but I also need to rest, but the need to earn money is regrettably greater than the need for rest and so I likely am hampering my getting better, but such is the way of things. It could be worse; I could be in hospital. It could also be better.

The sun is shining and that is something that I appreciate as it paints a nice picture outside of my bedroom window. There’s a pleasantry and a sense of calm out there that filters into here, and I get to look outside and see birds, among other things. It’s a nice view and it helps keep me stubborn a bit, but I should rest more, but I won’t as sometimes it’s not something you should do, regardless of how much of refusing is fueled by stubbornness.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:00:56

Pretty ho-hum.

I’m surprised I was able to write as fast as I did, as well as how clear.
Tried to keep repetition low but some of it is in there. Maybe it’s a bit more appropriate. I don’t know.

Written at home.


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