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A Poem About Watching Clouds

Just some more rushed stuff. I had the idea probably about a minute before I started writing. Not sure if jumping into this so quickly was a good idea or not, but, well, I did, so yeah. I hope you … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 144: Thursday Evening Ramble

Right now the word count is working and so I avoid issues with the word count, which of course makes me happy. Entering about forty minutes of power and this is where I’m going to power through a bit of … Continue reading

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A Few Cows and Trees

This was taken when I drove back from Melbourne to Sydney earlier this year during Autumn. The image was taken in the same location as these ones. I feel as though this would’ve worked better had I not worried about … Continue reading

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ACE+: Mechonis Field

Alright, so with this one I was looking to just describe what I could and see where it went. It took two listens and didn’t produce anything I’m neither content nor discontent with. ACE+’s “Mechonis Field” (“機神界フィールド”) is from Xenoblade … Continue reading

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Tree in a Field

Just a tree in a field. I feel like the tree has a certain grab to it, which might have to do with its shape. It almost looks like something blooming. Maybe it’s that appearance and how it contrasts with … Continue reading

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A Drying Field

This was taken at one of the rest areas I stopped at whilst driving back to Sydney. This is wide and open, yet not expansive. The power pole somehow feels lonesome and the field feels quiet. It was a cold … Continue reading

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Transmission in the Field

This was taken during the drive from Sydney to Melbourne. I like the contrast between the open field being vegetative, and the power lines and transmission towers being industrial, though considering the field is likely used for pastoral-related processes, it … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 766: Paper on Procrastination

I want to write about the joy of cycling, but right now I don’t think I have enough time. Still have a few things left to do before the commencement of my shift. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want … Continue reading

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Warm Field

Right now might not be the best time to share something as stark and concerning as a scene affected by the byproduct of bushfires, but I do like this image. It’s not exactly pleasant, but I think it has a … Continue reading

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Morning Pitch

With this photo I like how the light falls over the pitch as well as the surrounding field. I also like how the pitch appears to get smaller, with part of it only taking up a slither of the photo’s … Continue reading

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