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One Thousand Word Challenge 132: Wander Away From the City

So the sun is out and that may be a good thing, depending on how you view things. It is out and it is warming the land and yet it remains cold in this house, but maybe right now that … Continue reading

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Nobuo Uematsu: Terra’s Theme

This was written over three listens. Wasn’t really aiming for anything in particular with this one. Just started with trying to get the start down and let it run from there. End result is a bit of a mess, but … Continue reading

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Gradual Rejuvenation

Behold, the shifting landscape! I think I left the clouds a little too bright here, but other than that I like the mix of vegetation in various stages. I probably could’ve framed the scene better, but anyway… I hope you … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 74: Once More in a Rut

I’ve already seen the queues and now I am dreading the commencement of work more than I was earlier, but sometimes that is the way things go. Bit of dread but nothing I cannot overcome. I think I’m once more … Continue reading

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One Tree Above the Others

During my recent jaunt through the bush I saw this scene. I tried to capture the tree sticking out among the rest, which I think that (in a most technical sense), I did. However, I really wanted to show its … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 740: A Brief Talking About a Particular Show

So I just finished watching a series of the Japanese animation variety; one I probably should have watched a number of years ago, but such as is the way of things I never saw it until some time at the … Continue reading

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Path into a Jungle

Whilst the area that this path leads into and out of is referred to as a jungle, it’s not quite one… maybe. I don’t quite know. When I took this shot I think I was trying to capture a sense … Continue reading

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Growth on an Edge

A little bit of the area as seen at Govetts Leap. I think this scene works well with the space as the fog really makes the area seem quite empty, even if it isn’t. In conjunction with the bare trees … Continue reading

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Logging Regrowth

Last week whilst in the Blue Mountains I came across this area of forest rejuvenation. I’m guessing that this is a logging area, what with how the majority of the vegetation in this photo is roughly of equal height. I … Continue reading

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Tree Among the Rocks

I wonder as to how this tree has survived for as long as it has. I’m fairly certain that it would have been exposed to a lot of salt, and it doesn’t seem as though there would be a significant … Continue reading

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