Pinegrove: Need 2

This was three listens

I was looking to capture something about the song and I feel I was doing alright, but at one point I began to move into review mode which I wanted to avoid. I feel that, as such, this is cohesive, but it’s also really flat; well, flatter than usual at least.

Pinegrove’s “Need 2” is from Mixtape Two. It’s also available on Everything So Far.

I hope you enjoy.

A low buzzing sound and guitar starts to fade in. In the background something akin to birds can be heard. Soon more guitar layers over the existing one and the melody comes forward with a wistfulness. The percussion comes in and stays steady and solid. It thumps gently and simple. The bass which soon follows also does the same, though does more in solidifying the melody whilst also keeping things light and easy.

The melody drifts as vocals utter a few words at a time, leaving the focus on the instruments. The words provide just enough and build on the instrumentation.

The instruments move a little lower, drawing up some sort of melancholy. A questioning comes forward and banjo plays gently through the instrumentation.

The sounds seem to grow rich and as young and old as the day. There’s a prettiness to the the progression as the instruments play with each other and lock in, drifting with aim. Shortly after the last words an additional guitar plays lightly and with space on top of the rhythm and melody, punctuating and emphasising. Another sound joins in, unchanging, appearing for brief moments, almost as though it’s some sort of flashing light, and both it and the additional guitar continue on through to the song’s end.

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