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A Poem About Accumulating Work

I only had a few minutes to spare when I wrote this and wanted to see if I could write something really quickly that made sense. This is probably pretty lazy writing, but I had an idea and knocked it … Continue reading

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Ibes at the Water Feature

Another photo of the Northern Water Feature. Here’s one that shows a bit more of the area as comparison. With this photo I think I was trying to frame the ibes in a certain way relative to the pond and … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 170: Bit of a Pause

There’s a bit of a pause in everything at this particular moment. That’s what it feels like anyway. There’s a bit of a pause and things are stretching away from where I currently sit, but they are stretching away silently. … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1059: Weight of Your Body

Sometimes you just feel the weight of your body and it weights you down as you try to do things and so therefore you have difficulty in getting things done. Such is the way of things on the odd occasion, … Continue reading

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The Tragically Hip: Machine

This was written over one listen, but there were a few pauses. I’m rather tired at the moment and so those pauses felt necessary, but perhaps they weren’t. The Tragically Hip’s “Machine” is from Man Machine Poem. From what I’ve … Continue reading

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