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One Thousand Word Challenge 170: Bit of a Pause

There’s a bit of a pause in everything at this particular moment. That’s what it feels like anyway. There’s a bit of a pause and things are stretching away from where I currently sit, but they are stretching away silently. … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 75: You go Outside With Your Tea

You go outside with your tea and stand in your backyard, marveling at what is around you whilst you slowly sip away. You look at the trees and see cicada shells on the trunks and branches as you listen to … Continue reading

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Keep on Climbing

Here’s another photo of the cicada shell. I took this photo as I wanted to make it look as though the cicada still had a long way to go before it would reach its destination, even though it is the … Continue reading

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Cicada Shell

On the same day I took the photo of the tribues at Martin Place last month (the 20th, which was a Saturday if anyone is curious) I found a cicada shell on my washing basket as I was hanging up … Continue reading

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