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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1209: A Tough Choice

So there’s this gentle music playing right now and occasionally it is cut into by the sound of a drill going off. It creates a contrast that wasn’t needed but it does make one think. Anyway, now that I’m done … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 709: Not Overly Interesting

The droning of machinery drones on outside which contrasts rather harshly with the sunny appearance of everything as there are few clouds out and it is sunny and bright and there are a few birds about. It would be rather … Continue reading

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Washing Machine

A photo of a washing machine. I took this whilst going through my storage unit a few months ago. I thought the idea of getting a moody, kind of dramatic shot of a washing machine was kind of silly enough … Continue reading

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This was taken on the same day as Unpleasant Weather. Ewe and I decided to take a picture of him “washing” his face with rocks. I feel that an image it is quite symbolic; both of cleansing and renewal. I … Continue reading

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Cicada Shell

On the same day I took the photo of the tribues at Martin Place last month (the 20th, which was a Saturday if anyone is curious) I found a cicada shell on my washing basket as I was hanging up … Continue reading

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