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In a Row

Behold! Another photo of the Northern Water Feature. Or, the fountain part of it as it is more than just the fountain. I think this one works well in monochrome. I think it helps provide more definition to the fountain. … Continue reading

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Rooftop Lighting

This photo was taken in July. I think I was trying to capture a certain mood and I’m not sure if I captured it, but I do like how the space leads to a sparse feel to the image. Probably … Continue reading

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Brief Rest

Here is a photo of a person having a brief rest before continuing walking to the top of a hill. I like this shot as the person feels small, and the top of the hill distant. Relative to the size … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 982: Lingering Shadow

Sometimes a day grows long and you do your best to wrangle with it, but you can’t and so instead of doing anything during the day you struggle during the evening and hope for the best. Sometimes that is the … Continue reading

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A Patch of Water Among Water

Here is a scene of which I recently saw. A patch of clear water among water covered in what could be green algae, but I’m not certain. Regardless, I feel concerned about how the pond appeared when I saw it, … Continue reading

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Cloud Nothings: The Shadow I Remember

I’ve spent most of the day working slowly on this review. I think I may have overthought it, though I’m alright with the result, more so that it’s done rather than for how good it is or is not as … Continue reading

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Mitsuto Suzuki: Shadow of Valhalla

This was written over two listens. I may have heard the song before last night, but I’m not entirely certain. Regardless, I wasn’t too familiar with the song when I started writing about it; something I think was a good … Continue reading

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Burn Among the Hills

Some sort of field burning I believe. The same smoke as seen in this photo. I like how the smoke draws attention and almost seems to disturb the image. It breaks what feels like is meant to be uniform scenery. … Continue reading

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Shadow Over Land

This photo was taken during my recent drive from Melbourne to Sydney. I was somewhere near Berremangra when the sun was setting and so I took what I felt was the best opportunity to stop and get photos of the … Continue reading

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A moon of the super variety. This was taken during the recent super blood moon event. Might be the clearest photo of the moon that I’ve taken. I don’t have much to say about this photo, though I do like … Continue reading

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