Cerulean: Out of Reach

This was written over one listen.

When I wrote this I thought I was writing about a different artist. Not sure why.

I wanted to focus on describing the song and once more I began to slip into review mode which is not what I wanted to do. I feel it had a detrimental impact on the writing, but to what extent I’m not sure.

Cerulean‘s “Out of Reach” was, as far as I am aware, released as a standalone song.

I hope you enjoy.

Smooth synth sounds fade in. A muted burst and the steady, firm beat comes in along with extra synth building upon the main melody. Both it and the beat pull back shortly after they start. The beat becomes simpler and a new synth steps carefully somewhere in the distance.

Shortly after fading back in the secondary synth rejoins and the beat is fuller once more, but soon it pulls back again. The melody changes direction and looks for something more climactic, but it remains as warm and easy. It flows with a sense of sleekness. The sounds remain muted and eventually this too stops.

A return to the main melody and all the elements are in place. Scenery goes on by on a light day and everything remains relaxed. There is no grand payoff and it’s fine, for the need here is to stay relaxed and the music stays relaxed. It flows and stays relaxed.

One more shift to the different melody and the beat has stopped. All that is left is a few muted synth sounds and they continue on into the song’s end.

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