Masashi Hamauzu: Besaid

I think with this one I was trying to describe what was happening in the song whilst also trying to get across the associated imagery. I’m not sure if being familiar with the song and its context is a good thing in this instance, but I tried and below is the result.

Masashi Hamauzu’s (浜渦 正志) “Besaid” (“ビサイド島“) is from the soundtrack for Final Fantasy X, (the aptly named Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack), a soundtrack he and a few others composed.

Whilst the bulk of the soundtrack’s songs were composed by Nobuo Uematsu (植松 伸夫) who at the time was the main composer for the Final Fantasy series), the other composers made for a good fit with what Uematsu was doing as well as the game’s setting.

It’s a soundtrack I recommend hearing; especially “Besaid”, as I feel it’s an understated highlight.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Something low and deep. Spaced. Gentle. Lighter notes respond. A muted synth akin to an arpeggio fades in, perhaps as though it is flowing water. Once ready, gentle percussion also begins. A rhythm is formed and it is all kept relaxed. Simple, precise, intentional piano notes guide and build on the existing melody. A bit of space and yet it feels full. It is relaxed, flowing, and paints the scene of some sort of tropical island.

Paths shaded, moving past mysterious, worn out architecture, past waterfalls and the sun shines somewhere off in the distance. Strings emphasise and fill things out a bit more, rising before the first section where percussion drops.

A quick snare roll and the song keeps going, this time with percussion striking out more. Snappier perhaps, but still relaxed. It does not last long and the song relaxes again. Then the melody atmosphere and emotion really fill out. Suddenly the song is expressing the scene and the mood much more. It is the beginning of a journey, perhaps. A sense of saying farewell. A sense of melancholy, but also a sense of excitement for the journey ahead.

And so there is a return to the first section that had percussion. Once more it is quiet and once more that sense of relaxation flows through. The sand, the air… it seems idyllic and beautiful in what peace it presents. All sounds stay calm, quiet, and all flows as it was before. The waves lick at the beachfront and the shade is as pleasant as the view, but being in the sun isn’t too bad either.

The expansion comes in once more and perhaps the sadness is more obvious this time around, but the happiness and joy remains, as does the calm, and the song fades out.

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