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One Thousand Word Challenge 98: Good Time to Complain

It is hot and it is warm and that is the way that this evening will be. Once more I am writing late into the evening, but this time I might find the energy to not go too late and … Continue reading

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A Poem About Warm Weather

I think I was trying to express some sort of oddness to the late transition into summer. We’ve had a few warm days so far, but there has been quite a bit of rain and pants have been comfortable apparel. … Continue reading

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Dark Point Aboriginal Place

I am not sure as to why this headland is called Dark Point Aboriginal Place. From what little I’ve read, this is a culturally significant location for The Worimi people. I should learn more about the location and, considering I … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 845: Known as “Today”

Ring out does the sound of some instrument and into the ears of the listener which just so happens to be me at this particular moment in time and location in space. It’s a sound of something pleasurable (or at … Continue reading

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