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Baroness: The Sweetest Curse

For this one I went more for describing what was happening with the music. Before starting this I was looking to do something that wasn’t one thing the whole way through. “The Sweetest Curse” does shift a bit, but (other … Continue reading

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Silhouette Vocals

Here’s another photo of Alchemy’s vocalist (here is one I shared in October). I really like how the light draws attention to the vocalist’s form at this particular angle. Their body almost feels continuous. I also like how even in … Continue reading

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A Poem Kind of About Fatigue

Rather tired at the moment and this is the result of trying to push through that being tired. I hope you enjoy. — I am trying to find the words To try and express what I want Try, try try … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 844: It Started Alright and Got Worse the Longer I Wrote

Did the waiting too late thing again and now I am here which is where I always am and so I do the writing thing in the hopes that I get to the end of this to produce something that … Continue reading

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