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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 931: A Good Day for Thought

It was a good day, or at least it was perceived to be a good day. Truly it was just a day, but there was a perception and that perception was both applied and lived within. Somehow that made it … Continue reading

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Baroness: The Sweetest Curse

For this one I went more for describing what was happening with the music. Before starting this I was looking to do something that wasn’t one thing the whole way through. “The Sweetest Curse” does shift a bit, but (other … Continue reading

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Third Attempt Today

This is my third attempt at writing today. My third attempt. I don’t want to write about something that happened to one of my colleagues as it a bit of a sad thing (he’s fine, but it’s something that affects … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 416: The First Three Songs off of California Hotel

How much more of a solo could inhibit this song that is currently playing? Probably a lot more, if that was indeed a question that needed to be asked. However, it certainly does slide along quite well with the sounds … Continue reading

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