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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 752: Breakfast or Waking up

So it all starts with a breakfast. The consumption of the sustenance. Once that is done it is time to descend the location of which is the particular place in space and time that you just so happen to be. … Continue reading

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Rouge Juan: A Star Wars Story Review

Now that would’ve been an awesome story! Before anyone jumps the gun, I think that Rouge Juan is a better title than Rogue One. It might not have been as fitting (strict might there), but it has an air of … Continue reading

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them Review

Before you read on, just so you know, there’s spoilers in this review. Eddie Redmayne comes to America to start a plot about something happening, whilst something is happening. Coincidences become incredibly apparent and, of course, it’s up to the … Continue reading

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The Revenant Review

The Revenant is a great film that I am glad to watch. It starts off with some hunting and then an attack that some of the characters, including Leonardo DiCaprio and his son in the film, escape. Eventually Leonardo DiCaprio … Continue reading

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