Five-Hundred Word Challenge 752: Breakfast or Waking up

So it all starts with a breakfast. The consumption of the sustenance. Once that is done it is time to descend the location of which is the particular place in space and time that you just so happen to be. It’s somewhere on the top of a mountain in the great land of bush somewhere in the wilderness of Australia, because that is a setting of which is being used to tell this particular story.

Actually, now that I think about it, it doesn’t start off with a breakfast. It starts off a bit earlier than that. There is a tent and the protagonist is in the tent. The tent is on the top of this particular mountain. The protagonist is asleep. They are asleep but they are soon to wake up. I need to explain this as people don’t suddenly start at breakfast. Well, they don’t suddenly start asleep either, but that makes more sense. If the protagonist is waking up, then there’s a source origin. They come into the story at the same time as the viewer (or reader, who is also a viewer) and thus there is already some sort of connection between the protagonist and those that are involved in the art of spectating. They’re both in the same position for whatever comes next. They likely are unaware of what will happen, though maybe there is some sort of awareness on the protagonist’s part so that way there’s the idea of something that they’re aware of that they need to take care of.

Starting at breakfast is not how most people come into consciousness during the day and as such it might put things on too much of an unequal footing, though of course that has its own purposes in plots. sometimes it is okay to start a story somewhere not at the beginning. Even if it all starts with a breakfast, we can assume that in the universe of the piece of particular fiction, that the character(s) did at some point wake up and conducted a series of actions and reactions in order to get to the point where they are eating breakfast; especially if it is at the top of a mountain somewhere in the vast Australian wilderness.

Maybe starting this particular story at the commencement of the breakfast meal is perfectly acceptable, all things considered. Do we really need to read that the protagonist woke up? Do we need to follow each step from the waking of the up to the consumption of the sustenance? Is that really important? Perhaps a montage would suffice. Maybe also just the waking up and the the cutting to the eating. It gives the best of both worlds and also it would be easy enough to assume that there were a series of procedures undertaken in order to reach the breakfast bit. Works better if the breakfast is being eaten during first light as that makes it more of a metaphor for the process of waking up.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:05:00

I started off hoping to write some sort of fiction but then ended u going into semantics in a really loose and sloppy way.

I’m beginning to think that I really need to start taking note of some of the things that I write under the pressure of word limits and flesh them out at some point down the track. I don’t think I can make anything interesting out of the expanding of these, but I feel that at the very least I could make the ideas a little more worth reading.

I’m happy with the speed on this one as I was thinking a bit more about what I was writing than I usually would and I still got under ten minutes. I think there might be a bit too much repetition in what I wrote, but I also think that I got the idea across, which is a good thing.

Written at home.

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