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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1185: Path to the Conclusion

Alright so I need to get something done. I don’t another week of a low amount of stuff, but once more it is evening and once more I am throwing myself as this thing. Should’ve done something earlier but didn’t, … Continue reading

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Light Inundation

Once more a photo from La Perouse. Not sure what to say about this one. It’s easy on the eyes and I like how there’s a light amount of tidal inundation. Makes things feel more together, in a sense. I … Continue reading

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Gecko&Tokage Parade: Wind

I’d been meaning to write about this song for a few days but wasn’t able to due to being tired, among other things. Probably should’ve thrown myself into it more rather than have it sitting there waiting as I didn’t … Continue reading

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Coastal Landscape

I think the clouds are a bit too bright but otherwise I like how this photo turned out. The landscape underneath feels expansive and small, hilly and flat, and there’s a nice blend of vegetation and rock. It also displays … Continue reading

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Some Rocky Coastline

Three photos taken around La Perouse. I like coastal areas and I tried to frame these in specific ways for specific reasons related to an idea I had. I think there’s a nice balance of colour and space in these … Continue reading

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A Poem About Too Much Rushing… Maybe

This was rushed. Hurr hurr. Whilst I agree with what came through here, I feel it’s a situational thing. Really depends on what you’re doing. I hope you enjoy. — Sometimes I try and rush through things Many details are … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1116: Across an Open Plain

Stretched across an open plain lies a vast expanse of complete nothingness, or at least, that is how it feels. Sometimes a long drive in expansive areas feels like a drive through nothingness. All these fields and idyllic scenery and … Continue reading

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Junya Nakano: Guadosalam

One listen for this one. However, there were a few pauses toward the end. This was in part due to being a bit thrown off by this song not looping. Normally when it comes to game soundtracks the song will … Continue reading

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Cerulean: Out of Reach

This was written over one listen. When I wrote this I thought I was writing about a different artist. Not sure why. I wanted to focus on describing the song and once more I began to slip into review mode … Continue reading

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Drifting Over

This was taken during a recent trip to The Blue Mountains. It’s just a photo easy on the eyes. Nothing special, though I do like how much of the landscape feels small in comparison to the clouds, and how the … Continue reading

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