One listen for this one.
I planned to write about this song a couple of days ago but I was too tired at the time.
Then planned to write about it yesterday, but the same thing. I think not doing so until now worked out for the best as, whilst I spent too much time thinking about what I was writing I was also able to write about the song with a bit more clarity.

I think that clarity was abetted in part by the song’s length as I was able to let things seep in a bit more. Considering how the song flows I think it was better for the approach overall. Banging everything out without thinking here would’ve led to struggling to write after a few minutes, I think.

I don’t think the writing here is the best, but it does capture some aspects of the song pretty well, in particular the atmosphere, I think.

Final’s “ENATKWBY 1” is from EXPECT NOTHING AND THE KINGDOM WILL BE YOURS. Just as a side note, here’s a review I wrote about the album.

I hope you enjoy.

A vast expanse forms and continues to widen, but it is distorted and vague. It is though a wind is creating a veil, but things are recognisable as objects and recognisable as not quite what they should be.

Sounds seem to rise and fall and do so in a steady progress. Something seems to try and become clear but it is difficult to tell, but still something comes through with clarity and it reaches out to touch and hold, and perhaps mourn due to a deep sadness.

Stretching and looping and repeating, but even though it seems static it also seems to keep on changing. Maybe it doesn’t, but there is a progress as the sound sinks in and sinks in more and more, and as it does scenery reveals a wreckage and ruin. The expanse is filled and it has a lot, and yet what it contains is desolation.

The sound keeps on moving and holding and moving and it continues showing itself perhaps as reflective, though maybe it is not. Something seems to whirl for brief moments; maybe it is a hum and maybe it isn’t there and just being imagined, but it is as faint as it is prominent and it too could be lost in the noise.

A journey continues on and maybe the sound is becoming more singular and focused, and maybe that’s due to disappearing in it, but it seems to lack the range it had earlier on. It seems to have shrunk but it stays wide and open and it carries a long stare forward into a long distance that is impenetrable whilst the veil remains. It is there where the journey moves forward and it is as unknown as it is resolutely familiar.

The sound continues to disappear into itself as though a memory recalled over time, and what is left is echoes trying to reach out, shuffling and shifting whilst peeling away, leaving something naked and vulnerable, and perhaps a pure expression. The emotion remains, but suddenly the sound stops and leaves a fading moment to ring out as the song ends.

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