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Milton Man Gogh: How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time)

This was written in 2019. It’s not great. I think I was feeling things out a bit more than I realised. There’s certainly progression in terms of how I was writing when compared to previous years, but this is quite … Continue reading

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A Poem About Uncertain Weight

This is heavily influenced by something my partner and I have been dealing with for somewhere around a year now, but ramped up over roughly the past two. Just a long slog of trying to have things happen and then … Continue reading

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Firmly Within the Sound

A photo of Yoda of MONO, but from this year rather than 2020 which was when these two were taken. Anyway, there’s a sense of stillness to this photo. There’s a sense of stillness in a lot of photos, but … Continue reading

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Spreading Over a Blue Sky

Another sunset photo. I tried to capture the change in colour here. It wasn’t as balanced as I’d hoped, but I think I still got something. It’s pleasant and easy, I think, and sometimes that’s enough. I hope you enjoy.

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Hat Shadows the Face

This is Sean Meadows of June of 44. I like this photo as it doesn’t feel much like a gig photo. It might have to do with the lighting and the hat. Not sure. I hope you enjoy.

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The Motion Between Heaves

This is a photo of Taka during MONO’s recent performance at Manning in Sydney. I took this during “Riptide” which was the opening song of their set. I think this is just a good action shot. There’s a stillness and … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1237: No Hour of Power Today

Gonna try and do something today that’s not an hour of power. Just gonna try and get a few things cleared out of the way so they no longer are sitting here, staring at me as I need to clear … Continue reading

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Yoshino Aoki: Bitter Air

One listen for this one. Early on into this I felt unsure as to what I could write. This is a piece of music that effectively creates atmosphere through minimalism and I don’t think I was able to switch off … Continue reading

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Purple in the Moment

This is a photo of one of the members of A Broken Sail when they played at The Lansdowne last week supporting June of 44. I hadn’t shot at The Lansdowne before and so, being unfamiliar with the room and … Continue reading

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Rusty Sunset

Here’s a recent sunset photo. I think it was a warm day. Can’t quite remember, but I think it was. The colour mostly came through in processing as the sky didn’t quite look this rusty on the day. In a … Continue reading

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