Yoshino Aoki: Bitter Air

One listen for this one.
Early on into this I felt unsure as to what I could write. This is a piece of music that effectively creates atmosphere through minimalism and I don’t think I was able to switch off from actively thinking about what I was writing. As such, whilst I covered the song, I think this bit of writing could’ve done much better in that covering.

Yoshino Aoki’s (青木佳乃) “Bitter Air” (“苦い空気”) is from the soundtrack for Breath of Fire IV, Breath of Fire IV: Original Soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

Bells, or at least something bell-like rings out among a dulled space. It rings out in an eerie melody and it forms a pattern, and occasionally something like a still air blows around, or at least seems to in a fragmentary manner.

A tension weaves its way through and spreads out, and those bells continue ringing out, soft but prominent, and they leave space and continue on as the tension seeps on outward from them, and they soon fade out as the song ends.

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