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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 945: Driving is a Thing

Driving is a thing that many people do and also a thing that many people do not do. At the moment I am one of the ones who drive from location to location for various reasons. However, that is not … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 69: Hair Growth

Lone sounds lead into a new world but I am not ready. There is so much hair that needs to be cleaned up right now. Under a shag of my own excess and it’s getting far, far too warm. I … Continue reading

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Little Traffic

There still are a few vantage points accessible by the public that allow for a good view around Sydney. This was taken at one of those vantage points. I think that this photo turned out well, but overall it’s kind … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 185: Rain Story

Twisted and turning, the worm burrowed its way deep into the moist earth that is so was instinctively required to do. However, eventually due to how much moisture was being collected due to the heavy rain above the worm instinctively … Continue reading

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