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Two Slopes

Technically there are more, but the focus is on two here and it’s due to how they draw the eye to the far distance. Just an easy photo. Nothing too special; it’s some Australian landscape that has been developed. I … Continue reading

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Masashi Hamauzu: The Archylte Steppe

When I started doing this one I thought I’d have an easy go with rambling on. In now having just done the writing I feel that that was not quite the case. I think I stumbled a bit as I … Continue reading

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A Poem About Highways

I think I should’ve stopped writing a little earlier, but I didn’t and instead came up with this bit of “poetic” writing. I think that in terms of imagery this might provide something, but otherwise its value as a poem … Continue reading

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Road and Walls

Here’s a photo of part of The Hume Highway as it passes through Albury. I think the lines on the closest side of the highway function well as leading lines to the oncoming traffic. It helps impress a sense of … Continue reading

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Burn Among the Hills

Some sort of field burning I believe. The same smoke as seen in this photo. I like how the smoke draws attention and almost seems to disturb the image. It breaks what feels like is meant to be uniform scenery. … Continue reading

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Somewhere Along The Hume Highway

I think I stopped at this rest stop rather quickly. I saw it then made the decision to stop here without much time to slow own in a smooth manner. Wasn’t the worst stop I’ve done, but it could’ve been … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 951: Awake for far too Long

I have been awake for far too long. However, that is not the pint of this writing. There may be no point to this writing, which is the point of this writing. However, it is not pointing at anything, so … Continue reading

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Rolling Hills Under a Windswept Sky

On the way home from mushroom picking we stopped along the side of the road so I could get a few shots of the valleys under the clouded sky. The images of this particular area were mostly turning out quite … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 650: The Target. The Goal.

The ocean was as vast and beautiful as it had always been. A long time since they had traversed this location. Far too long. As always, the rainforest seemed to suddenly pull back to reveal a grand, open expanse full … Continue reading

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Water Hole in an Open Field

A shot from when I was in the Mountains of Blue earlier this year. The land allows for a large view, but the focus seems to draw toward the water hole. It sits in an open area, dry and wide. … Continue reading

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