Masashi Hamauzu: The Archylte Steppe

When I started doing this one I thought I’d have an easy go with rambling on.
In now having just done the writing I feel that that was not quite the case.

I think I stumbled a bit as I had a bit of an idea of how I wanted to go about writing about this song, but it didn’t quite carry forward.

Masashi Hamauzu’s (浜渦 正志) “The Archylte Steppe” (“アルカキルティ大平原”) is from Final Fantasy XIII‘s soundtrack, Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack.

I think I spend too much time writing about music from The Final Fantasy series.

I hope you enjoy.

Strings rise and fall, draw out and move over hills as part of a vast expanse. Soon a beat comes in and gently sounds intermingle and flow onward. The air is fresh and the breeze is gentle, and a sense of coolness carries through.

Soon a slight shift. Strings draw out more and slowly rise further up whilst the beat too peels back a little. Brass in the background, almost widening the melody.

Soon a return to the main section. Something additional follows along and a sense of being there in this place with company comes over. There’s a sense of the free, the slow, and yet the pushing and determined.

The beat peels back once more and once more sounds rise. Steady and slowly and with a grace, but with something sitting in the back of the mind.

A pause and the strings flow and caress. Something akin to keys that had been dotting away continues on. It remains gentle. Brass rises in the background, seemingly distant and yet entirely clear, it stops as the beat comes back in.

Soon a return to the main melody, but the sounds fade as the song ends.

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