Five-Hundred Word Challenge 945: Driving is a Thing

Driving is a thing that many people do and also a thing that many people do not do.

At the moment I am one of the ones who drive from location to location for various reasons. However, that is not the reason as to why I am writing at the moment. However, perhaps it is part of the reason, or something. I don’t know. It’s related, so I guess that is good enough.


So whilst driving I have noticed a few things that perhaps don’t help with the experience, such as people not indicating when changing lanes or turning, or going well over the speed limit in order to overtake, or braking suddenly… a bunch of things. These are things of which I find concern toward as I don’t want to be around other drivers that are going to decide that driving safely is more of a suggestion than a requirement.

Maybe I’m a little soured by my witnessing this whilst being on a provisional license. Admittedly I am not the best driver; I am still learning and it takes time. However, seeing people do stuff that, in some situations could be considered illegal makes me wonder as to when they decided that driving was their divine right and no rules can hold them back.

Driving is fun. It is almost as fun as cycling. However, many on the road seem determined to do their best to make sure that it is not fun for others.

There also seems to be a strong aggression and dislike for provisional drivers. On strict personal experience I’ve had people speed up to overtake me, only to then get in front of me and slow down. I’ve also had people overtake me only for me to need to overtake them later. Sometimes it’s not even on a road where my speed limit is lower than the road’s speed limit. I’ve had this happen on streets with lower amounts of traffic than on main roads.

I’ve also had it happen when the other driver isn’t close behind me.

Overtaking in certain areas I do understand, but the aggressive behaviour about it is something that I don’t. Sure, I could say that people are jerks, but what does that really say, other than very little, if anything?

Well, that’s pretty much the end of my rant. I don’t want to claim that I’m a good driver. As mentioned before, I still am learning. However, I would like to believe that I’m being safer than quite a few drivers out there. The roads should be treated as though they’re there for all. Driving dangerously might be fun for some and not so much others. I don’t agree with all of the speed limits, but that doesn’t mean they should not be followed. And so on.

So, to summarise, I’ve seen a lot of bad driving and, despite this writing only touching lightly on the subject, I think it’s something that requires a little bit more attention.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:56:34

This is a rather messy bit of writing, I think. Gets something across, but could’ve done it much better.

Written at home.

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