FRM: Endless Lines

One listen for this one.

This was the artist I thought I was writing about before. Due to that I decided to write about this song now and I don’t think that was a good idea.

I was hoping to capture more of the feeling and mood in the song but I don’t think I did a good job of that and instead spent more time describing.

FRM’s “Endless Lines” was, as far as I am aware, released as a standalone song.

I hope you enjoy.

An echoing synth fades into an open space, seemingly reaching for something.
Soon it is joined by a steady beat and thick bass. A framework finds steadiness and the instruments follow the groove it provides. Soon the bass and beat compresses into a fine point, then the song resumes with a fuller beat.

Synth notes seem to twinkle and float upon the instruments as it all slowly moves throughout a grand vastness. A sense of melancholy comes across and the sounds continue to search.

They all drop away and the echoing is left on its own. Soon the bass returns, and not long after that so does the beat. Other synth sounds float along and flicker and emphasise, and the sounds, whilst melancholic, are welcoming.

Soon the beat mostly pulls away whilst everything else continues on, searching for something as the song ends.


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