Azonic: Prospect of the Deep Volume One Review

Azonic’s Prospect of the Deep Volume One is an excellent album. It has been put together quite well and sounds as meticulously thought-out as it does improvisational. Each track (especially Oblivion of the Deep) invokes strong imagery as it carries you along and washes over you.

The songs are expansive and densely layered and the album overall is quite heavy and in parts intense, but lacks the aggression that usually comes with heavy music.

The whole album flows very well, as to be expected with this kind of experimental music, and each song sits as well on its own as it does with the rest of the album.

The thing with Prospect of the Deep Volume One is that whilst it is composed really well and is strong record for it, it’s the way that the music reaches out and holds you that makes it stand out. Azonic know how when to pull back and when to be relentless. None of what you hear sounds phoned in, artificial or pointless. The way that all the sounds come together, as well as how they are used is natural and effortless, leaving more room for the songs to carry you along with them.

Azonic have released an expansive, gripping album that is well worth the time.

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