Five-Hundred Word Challenge 442: One Step at a Time

It was time.

It was time to walk away and onto something new.

Well, that’s what they thought in their minds.

It could have been time for anything, as far as they were actually concerned.

Instead of going through with what they were about to do, they would have rather just called it quits.

Saying goodbye to people that you know you are going to return to can be a lot harder than it appears, and this person knew that all too well by this stage.

However, they would have rather not returned, for they knew that they would be returning a different person. Still the same as far as outward appearances are concerned, but internally after this journey, not much of who they were at the present time would remain.

Would they be able to fit in after all of what would be ahead of them?

It was hard to tell.

In essence, what they thought was correct in a fashion, but not entirely.

With a tear forming in their eye, they said goodbye to their family, their town and those who had bothered to show up.

They went down one of the many paths that lead away from their small, yet bustling village and followed it onto something new.

It was the farthest from home that they had ever traveled and there were many uncertainties that lay ahead of them.

Indeed, it would be a trying experience for someone as naïve as they were, but it was what it was and sometimes the rudest of awakenings can be the greatest of teachers.

Still, there could have been at least a little more preparation in this instance.
There were people back in their village who certainly had the experience to help with preparations, yet they refused to offer their hand, for supposedly there were lessons that needed to be learned and could not be taught, or at least that is what they would say as an excuse that would make them look far better, rather than the lazy, unhelpful people that they really were.

Of course, if there was success on this journey of a young person, then they could claim that they helped point in the right direction and set the person up to learn the lessons that they would indeed learn.

If there was failure, they could say that their words were not paid attention to and thus the failure lay squarely on the shoulders of the person that was setting out into the supposed wilderness for the first time in their life.

It was a win for those that did not truly help.

Still, to the person setting out it did not matter so much. It was not something that they wanted to think about. They were instead thinking about what would happen after the first day and first night.

They knew not if there truly were dangers to confront ahead.

The only way to find out was with one step at a time.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:22:25


Not sure about this one.

It has a decent low but it waffles and does not do enough to paint a strong image.

Written in Redfern.

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