Five-Hundred Word Challenge 767: On Time

Sometimes it is easy enough to wonder as to what time it is, but of course all you need to do is check the time to know the time at the current point of time in which you are wanting to know the time. However, how do you know what the time is if you are unable to check what the time is for some reason, or another reason?

Well, you see, time is a thing that is considered to be an artificial construct, which in some cases is true. That said, it must be considered that time is also a way of helping us measure and understand observable phenomena. It is a form of measurement and, on top of that, it is a few other things. Generally for most situations time moves at a rate of one second of time per second of time. In understanding these things, it becomes a little clearer as to the understanding of what time is.

What time isn’t is a series of numbers with no relation, a series of bricks, a series of crocodiles, a series of houses, a series of sayings, temples, hats, flowers, shades, eggs, gloves, cars, motors, engineers, landscapes, winds, gases, solids, liquids, soils, plants, vacations, papers, drafts, businesses, loafs, organisations, pancakes, breakfasts, dinners, vegetables, products, placeholders, names, sayings, characters, stories, letters, pens, payments, divergences, convergences, litigations, breaths, beats, sounds, arms, misgivings, understandings, misunderstandings, rotations, turbines, panels, clouds, worms, birds, signs, expressions, paintings, sketches, impressions, notes, guitars, drums, keyboards, wagons, flutes, clarinets, ensembles, trios, duos, quartets, records, crowds, audiences, scenery, screens, pictures, motions, actions, movements, destinations, awards, celebrations, commiserations, consecrations, galas, horses, races, journeys, destinations, expanses, views, discoveries, realisations, creations, ascents, descents, acceptances, preventions, reviews, analyses, commodities, retaliations, reactions, plots, deceptions keys, ideas, successes, failures, oceans, waves, ripples, whales, fish, reptiles, tetrapods, mammals, angles,  lines, curves, shapes, designs, imprints, endeavours, crises, flows, ebbs, rules, measures, expectations, problems, solutions, fingers, eyes, ears, hairs, organs, blinks, presents, openings, closings, rejections, opportunities, denials, fortifications, windows, doors, foundations, mountains, hills, rocks, tides, granules, materials, kilns, talks, conversations, breaks, rests, beds, floors, skies, flights, trains, hydroplanes, submarines, unicycles, erhus, hurdy-gurdies, drones, vamps, snapshots, photos, a series of lines, a series of words, a collection of stamps, a murder of crows, a congregation of ibes, a series of inexplicable feelings, transients, a pile of waste, a consecutive series of declarations,  a consecutive series of proclamations, twists, turns, revelations, accusations, a moment of catharsis, rainfall, flooding, drying, deserts, plains, forests, jungles, waterfalls, rivers, estuaries, dunes, caves, caverns, glaciers, storms, strikes, yelling, debating, pyramids, slides, ladders, whistles, smiles, frowns, tears, heartbeats, notions, trips, falls, leaps, bounds, jumps, climbs, hikes, jaunts, pedals, computations, programs, stages, benches, pathways, tunnels, communities, confrontations, lights, shades, hazards, rows, touches, obligations, personifications, cuts, scars, postponements, restrictions, boulders, slumps, clumps, paragraphs, spaces, formations, experiments, data, spheres, graphs, slices, spices, transactions, costs, consequences, suits, clothes, sternums, beetles, corpuscles, macrofauna, phytoplankton, chordata, zooxanthellae, or ephemera.

However, time can involve all of these things at any given time.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 26:05:44

This took longer than I thought it would.
I feel as though the effort was worth it, but not sure if the result is. That said, I’m happy with what I did here.

Written at home.

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