Vitriol: Rectificando

This was over one listen.

I was trying to describe the song (I think). I sort of captured it, but I think I dropped the ball a bit.”Rectificando” is a song I used to be familiar with and so I think remembering it in part but not fully threw me off a little.

Vitriol’s “Rectificando” is from I-VII.

I hope you enjoy.

A low sound rumbles through space. Soon it is followed by similar sounds, stretching out, reaching. They almost seem to connect and in doing so become continuous. Something underneath it all comes forward, though only where it can.

Sounds reach up and the lower sound comes in with more prominence, heaving. The higher sounds seem to thicken and become more rapid in their approach; they are filling the space and replacing it with themselves.

Seemingly a sense of shattering comes in and more sound echoes outward and soon it is almost a sort of dance, though perhaps all is just moving at moments that imply some sort of dance-like motion.

Other, more metallic sounds seem to come in and reflect a distant light. A grinding comes in as sound scrape against sounds and a sense of dread comes in, though also mixed with a sense of release and calm. A sense of mixing as all seems to congeal, and it is all harsh and soft. even as it fades out at the song’s end.

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