Max Cooper: Incompleteness

So I threw this song on and thought I’d get a fair bit more out of what was happening.
There was no planning; No preparation; nothing. I just threw myself into it after quickly going through a bunch of artists, thought it would be a good song to do and jumped into the writing.

I think the result is okay. I wasn’t thinking too much and focusing a lot more on the sound which is a good thing. I also think the meaning behind the words here carry forward a lot better. Bit rough however, but that’s not saying much as most of these are.

Max Cooper’s “Incompleteness” is from One Hundred Billion Sparks.

I hope you enjoy.

A great yawning off in a distance slowly comes into a bit of detail. It stretches across horizons unseen and it keeps on going, becoming something focused and detailed with utter smoothness. It seems to dip low and produces a warmth that carries things into an  expanding space. The space comes from the sound and it starts to echo out before suddenly shrinking back down. It seems hesitant; it wants to bring out a full display and yet it is not sure it it should.

Once again the yawning starts expanding, revealing itself as more than just that and it comes through with a greater warmth. It is cozy and comfortable and it keeps on moving outward with a greater smoothness than before, though this time rather than pull back it fades out as though it was just a vague suggestion, and the song ends.

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