Andy Summers: Journey Through Blue Regions

Two listens for this one.

I tried to let myself be loose with what I wrote and, even though there were times when I think I was thinking too much, I think the result works. I was just expressing what I was getting from the song and so this does little to describe it, but the writing reads well enough. It came from the song and so in a sense it’s representative of what the song was doing.

Andy Summers’ “Journey Through Blue Regions” is from The Golden Wire.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar loops and leads to looking inward. A landscape unfolds and it reveals itself as a beautiful place that must be moved through. Moving through it is easy, but it continually shifts. It refuses to allow anything to remain familiar.

Perhaps there is a peace that needs to be reached and in that peace the truth of what is seen will be revealed. Maybe there is nothing changing at all but it seems that way and all that it really shows is a reflection. Maybe it is trying to reach out and make some sort of connection and allow the path to remain clear.

Perhaps there is turmoil that is preventing a moment of calm and that turmoil must be dealt with first, and perhaps moving through a landscape doesn’t matter in the slightest as what is important is resolution and acceptance.

Whatever it is that matters, it is calling out and its call is inescapable. It grips and it pulls in and it reveals some sort of beauty and grace, but before it reveals all the song ends.

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