Alberich: Valkyrie

One listen for this one.

I queued up the song a while ago and then went through a bit of a cycle of remembering and forgetting that it was in my playlist. Recently I reorganised the playlist in part due to it needing some things removed as it’s a playlist I made for music I’m reviewing, and in part to get the songs I want to do this kind of writing about all grouped together rather than scattered throughout.

I went in without worrying too much about approach and I think it worked. This mostly came from the feel of the song more so than the sound, though the sound is in there, and I think it paid off. Not the best writing, but I think it captures the feel well.

Alberich’s “Valkyrie” is from A Second Is A Year.

I hope you enjoy.

Long draws a sound as eternal as it is not. It stretches through past, present and future, but remains only in the present and it slowly changes whilst remaining eternally static. Something else appears in brief moments whilst the drone continues its grows and this is a bleak and worn down space.

Dust is carried across ruin and wreckage and a pallid light barely penetrates the thick air. Something pounds in a distance, and it is massive and seems to signal something ominous and worrying. For a few moments it gains a response and something seems to rise on up and seems about to gain some clarity before disappearing.

Something else suddenly appears and stops before it too gains some clarity. That slight response returns and disappears again, and all is desolate and hopeless.

Twisting sounds, perhaps a memory of something that once was. Perhaps as all that is noticed as something is happening. It could be anything; it could be nothing, and the drone lowers and the pounding gains a moment of clarity with its brief response before moving into the distance once more. Sound rises and stops and the pounding disappears, and it is as though there is nothing left, or at least nothing as it was, and the sounds fade out as the song ends.

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