Cosmic Psychos: Loudmouth Soup Review

Still not feeling much like writing at the moment. Instead here’s the other review of a Cosmic Psychos album I wrote for Cool Try.

I think it’s good to have this one shared now as it makes for a better comparison regarding how my writing “skills” had developed up until the point where this was published which was some time in 2018 and the review for Cum the Raw Prawn was published in 2015.

Maybe it would be better if there were a few reviews shown in their sequential publishing order, but this is on the same artist, so… yeah.

There’s definitely been an improvement though also a slight decline. This review seems to be more articulate and concise. However, I feel as though it’s too brief and clinical. I can see a few sentences that could’ve become paragraphs.

At the time I think I was working with more active voice and having the sentences make more sense. I’m fairly certain I was spending more time reading them out aloud to find mistakes. Can’t quite remember.

This is shown as it was. There was no need for cleaning up spelling mistakes or separating paragraphs.

Now for the part where I plug other stuff:

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Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Cosmic Psychos have done the album thing again and this time the album is titled Loudmouth Soup. Whilst there aren’t songs about being loud, mouths (depending on your interpretation of the term), or soup (again, depending on your interpretation of the term), there is at least one song about loudmouth soup.

Lyrics about drinking beer, feeling average, shit riffs, being in shit and a slew of other issues are found throughout the record. They’re not pretentious, profound, deeply meaningful or too clever but for the most part a lot of the lyrics are direct and relatable.

The songs themselves are a leaning a bit more toward punk than they are rock, but overall Loudmouth Soup is a little more poppy. That’s not to say that Cosmic Psychos don’t rock out at any point as there’s still a fair bit of that. However, there is a little bit more singing, a little less groove and a little more melody. There’s also the use of opening a beer can as a percussive element on one song which works better than it should.

Loudmouth Soup sounds like Cosmic Psychos which is consistent, but the mixing of the record is a little odd. At times the vocals are much louder than the instruments, reverb sees a bit more use than on prior releases and there’s less low end and more fuzz on the bass. At times it sounds like the fuzz of the bass is sitting right next to the guitar.

With that being said the mix is a little drier and it helps highlight how well Cosmic Psychos can pull off sounding really loose and sludgy whilst conversely sounding really concise and clear.

It’s hard to fault Cosmic Psychos for doing something that doesn’t stray far from their past. They know what they do well and do it well they still do. Whilst not as strong as past releases, the album is consistently decent. If you’ve heard Cosmic Psychos before, then you know what you’re going to get if you listen to Loudmouth Soup; an enjoyable romp that is really direct and free of pretension.

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