Five-Hundred Word Challenge 672: Tenderness Trickles

Tenderness trickles on down and onto the floor, where it shall forever seep into whatever it is that covers the surface on which we all tread upon, leading to its loss which proves to be a little bit more than just a shame. Sometimes that is thew way things go and there’s little that can be done about it other than think about what happened, think about how it can be prevented and then try to move on whilst keeping the knowledge in mind in case it is needed down the track.

It’s a time for understanding, but that’s known, so it doesn’t need mentioning; at lest, not now, that is.

Other than that, the surface upon which we all walk will one day bring forth new life, though when, how and where is quite dependent on human traffic. The less, the better. The more, the worse.

Perhaps what will be brought forth will be some sort of home for an animal, or young plants to burst forth and reach for some sort of light, so long as they need it. They might not need to reach far if the area has a lot of low-lying vegetation, but of course that could end up changing down the track. Some larger plants could grow, obscuring the sun, causing the small ecosystem patch to change, therefore leading to different species inhabiting an area. Perhaps it would remain somewhat-stable and thus many plants of the same ilk will end up springing forth, all sharing the sun, leading to a consistent look in the area, as well as consistent shelter for many animals that would make use of that kind of shelter in order to enhance their chances of survival.

If there is more human traffic, then of course this could all change and perhaps even though there was something that could spring forth from the earth might not spring forth at all, leading once more to the trickling down of tenderness onto the floor, leaving us to once think about what may have been in the area, followed by a deep thinking and moving along. Perhaps next time the process will be prevented so long as the pocket of land is loved enough. Who knows?

Of course though it’s a bit of a battle. How much spread is necessary? Should we keep on going, or should we stop and let the world be as much as we possibly can? Questions that need to be carefully considered, but then again, there are many others out there that also need to be considered.

There are many questions and many answers. There are may routes, but somewhere out there something will come from the earth and rise up out of it, or perhaps it will instead come to the earth and dig deep. Perhaps it will change faster than we thought was possible, but perhaps for a while it will not. Regardless, if tenderness keeps on trickling down, then at what point does enough become enough?

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:08:24

So this is messy.

I started off with some idea of imagery going on, but then it became quite serious. Not sure why.

Written at home.


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