Five-Hundred Word Challenge 764: It’s Fine to ask for Help

Sometimes you aren’t prepared for what comes, even if you try to prepare as much as you can. there’s only so much that you can do and there’s so much more that can and cannot happen. Such is the way things go, but so long as you’ve done what you can rather than not, then you can step forward without regrets, or at least with diminished regrets.

What, then, do you do if you prepare for as much as you can and the situation turns out to require something else entirely?

Not something I’m going to try and answer right now. I have my thoughts on the question and I imagine that plenty of other people out there would also. However, I might just try and posit something just in case it leads to something else. See where it leads. And so on and so forth.

So I guess that if you prepare as much as you can for whatever it is that you’re facing and it turns out that what you’re facing is something that all that preparation did not help prepare you for due to it being something entirely different to what was understood, then you just do what you can to get through whatever it is to the other side. Hopefully you get through intact, or at the very least not too damaged, but of course there is no guarantee. There is hope.

Sometimes in situations where the unexpected is the entirety you may need help to get through. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help so long as you help out wherever you can, and there’s nothing wrong with relying on others where it is necessary. Maybe it won’t happen when you’re going through whatever it is that you’re going through, but perhaps there will be people ready to catch you and help you along at the other side. Maybe you won’t need help at all, but it would be nice to talk to someone just so you can bounce something off of someone which could help you understand whatever it is that you’re going through a bit better which could lead to then working out whatever it is that you do or do not need to do, which (now that I think about it) is a form of help, and that’s fine.

It’s possible that help might be needed at the start but not any further and you get through everything that you need to get through with no further issues whatsoever. Of course there is the possibility that what you are prepared for is what happens and then you get through it all with no difficulty whatsoever. All are possible.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help if it’s need. When it’s not necessary, it still is fine to ask for help. You can go a long way when you’ve someone (or something) else by your side and helping you get through whatever it is you’re going through.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:44:49

I think this is one of the most coherent things I’ve written in a while.

After I finished I had a moment where I felt this would be better if I had written “Plenty of great things have been achieved with help.”, or at least something along those lines. Oh well.

This was going to start off as some sort of fiction but then quite quickly it became something else. I feel as though perhaps I might have overstated the point, but at the same time I’m fine with how it flows, as well as the clarity of the thing I’m trying to get across.

Written at home.

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