One Thousand Word Challenge 73: Apple Pie and Marine Stuff

AHHHH! and so on.

Yes, that is a good way to start this off.

So it’s a bit dark, I am here racing away. Want to go eat some apple pie. Also want to go and call in sick but cannot as I need the money, so it is a work day. Still have many a thing to do. Not complaining as a lot of that is on me more so than it is on others. Such is the way of things. Hoping for a quiet day. May not be, but if it is, then that is awesome.

Wanted to write a bit of fiction this morning, but apparently that is not going to be the case as it already seems that I am rooting myself firmly within the confines of reality. There shall be no fiction based on reality this morning. It is all reality based on reality. There is no other way. Which reality that is? Well, I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

So anyway, I should probably write a bit more about the fish of the water rather than the birds of the sky, but I’m not in the mood for proselytising, if I am to be as honest as I feel like being. I’m also not feeling the itch to write about water and its various inhabitants, which is a bit of a shame as I feel that I should do so more often. I have a desire, but right now that desire is elsewhere. It is currently focused on obtaining pie of the apple variety. Of course this will soon happen, but right now it is not and as such I am here writing about a desire to go and eat. Should still write about water and stuff related to water.

So quite often there are bodies of water all over the planet. In these bodies of water there are plenty of organisms. There are some known as fish. There are some known as whales. Some known as plankton, and some known as phytoplankton.

Some bodies of water hold coral which hold zooxanthellae. They are in a relationship known as a symbiotic one, if I am remembering that information correctly.

Some other creatures live among corals. Some do not live among corals. Some creatures live among seagrass and some live among kelp.

There are some that live in sand and some that live in rocks. There are a lot of creatures in the ocean and slowly, yet surely we are learning more about them. Learning more is good as it means more decisions that are informed better based on whatever current information is available, which of course leads to even more decisions that are well-informed. It is a continuous thing and hopefully it gets better sooner rather than later. Well, it’s always getting better, but you get the idea.

Some water has some form of salt in it, which of course leads to a saline environment. Some water does not which creates an environment often considered freshwater. There is of course a mix of both which is known as a brackish water environment. Some organisms tolerate one of these, whereas some others tolerate a mix of these. Depends on what they are adapted to, of course.

Now, with all of that being said, we need to consider that there is a lot of water out there. There is a bit more water than there is a bit more not-water (depending on what you consider a part of our planet and what you consider to not be water). This means that there are a lot of environments in which creatures that rely on water can inhabit.

In some parts of the ocean there are underwater mountain ranges. As the name suggests, these are mountain ranges that just so happen to be underwater. There are reasons as to why they are there and I’m sure that if I was giving myself enough time, I would be able to go into them. However, I do not have as much time as I would like and therefore I am not going to go into those reasons. Perhaps another day when I have a spare few hours to work on something that is a little more coherent and focused.

Some fish are sharks. Sharks are awesome. If you  think sharks are not awesome, well, that’s on you then. However, admittedly sharks are not the only awesome thing in the ocean. There are plenty of awesome things. There area lot of organisms. Some cannot be seen with only the eyes and thus need some sort of enhancement device in order to see them with a greater sense of understanding and clarity.

My hands are getting sore, but I’m near the end of this so I think I can power on and get there.

Now that I’ve written about something I did not feel like writing about. I think it is time to reward myself with pie of the apple variety. Of course work starts soon, so I need to get the pie sooner than work, as if work starts and I attempt to go and get pie then, then I might start late and of course this comes as a detriment to my pocket, and my pocket I mean my income, so therefore I should probably stop writing soon and go and get the pie as it is currently in my fridge and therefore it is easy enough to get.

However, perhaps instead of getting the pie soon I will have it a little later. Still want to think about sharks, now that I’ve started to write about the bodies of water and their inhabitants. Maybe if I write about them enough, then I will be able to spread more awareness about their existence and why we need to keep them alive and not hunt them, or something.

There are plenty of reasons to like sharks. There also are fewer reasons as to why I should go and get pie.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 10:37:32

Wrote before work, only getting up now that work has finished for the day. It was a rough day. Not as rough as this text.

Written at home.

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