Sophia: Desert Song No. 2

Another Sophia song (previous one here), but instead of being from As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours), this one is from People Are Like Seasons. It also is included on As We Make Our Way (The Live Recordings) (a review of which is here) in a heavier, though still expansive form.

I was hoping that this writing would be longer. There was a partial rewind, but this was written over the song playing once. Ended up writing less than I thought.

I think parts cover the song well, but this is a bit of a mess.

I hope you enjoy.

Strings come in, low, almost still, but picked up by a breeze and float on forth. Once gone, the gentle, yet firm guitar strums out a version of the melody and the breeze comes back, lifting over dunes and for a moment there is a harmony.

These drop out and gentle piano comes in. Soft vocals come in, asking questions. Spaced, perhaps currently shade, looking out to an open area. A brief punctuation formed from previous instrumentation comes in. It adds mass without adding weight.

Once more a pull back, then once more an addition. Percussion comes in, spaced, determined and structural. A sense of grandness comes in, and the vocals declare a need to let go; a need to free. The instruments become more flowing, building toward something. They paint the scene, they paint the landscape. There remains a gentleness, but an increasing sense of determination and picking up and carrying.

The vocals return and suggest a plan of action to allow for renewing, and as the instruments build return to the earlier declaration. It all picks up and it all becomes wide, under a dry, but non-harsh sun and the landscape is painted and grows wide.

A pause to allow for piano to slow the movement over the scene. More instruments join in, creating rises and falls within the desert and slowly panning over is a view carried by the breeze.

Then it all of a sudden the music lets loose; raging guitar drones on in the music, the percussion becomes loud and crashing, though still spaced. However, it’s a warm comfort; a release that’s welcoming, calm and perhaps cathartic. There is a stepping out into the open wideness; a liberation, perhaps.

The instruments drop out, leaving the raging guitar to fade out on its own.

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