Big Dead: First/Last

Once more written over one listen. However, there were a few words added after the song finished.

This is a bit messy which probably is to be expected, considering most of my writing.

I think I captured the sense of build in this song more than I captured how it sounds.
It’s a beautiful song that I strongly recommend hearing.

“First/Last” is from Big Dead’s Bone White Branches; and album I also strongly recommend hearing.

Here’s a brief review of the album that I wrote for Culture Eater.

I hope you enjoy.

A descending, sparkling synth and then the song comes in. Soft, somewhat-floating vocal harmonies over light, yet strong instrumentation and everything seems to float off into this cinematic sense of space.

Vocals come in, voice rises and lowers. It’s dreaming, though certain of itself in its dream. Suddenly a break from the vocals and there’s a bit more guitar kind of doing this thing where it’s “playing around” on the melody, but it fits.

Back to the vocals and more dreaming, more floating. “You were the last one, I was the last one” and the harmonies continue and draw themselves out, but fit well within the confines. Then back to the first break, but something new. A bit more noise, a bit more drive and a bit more of a welcoming into something. The building up, though refusing to break and fall. It’s sort of a menace in a garden, and this continue on as the band play on their way down the path that they are looking to explore. There’s more firmness and heaviness in what is going on, and it keeps on building and building, but slowly and seems to get louder and almost sounds as though it is about to fall apart and the cymbals crash more and the sounds keep building and suddenly the core is strengthened, but it suddenly collapses and falls apart into a mess, but a flickering synth and a clean, strumming guitar emerge to end the song in a rather definitive manner.

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