Five-Hundred Word Challenge 854: A Rant on Today

I’m trying to think of something to say at the moment. Something articulate and caring and perhaps poignant. Doing this under a time constraint is perhaps not helpful to trying to say something that express what I want to express, but that’s  the way I’m working at the moment.

There are issues with what is going on at the moment and I think it is important that people try to stand back and start trying to think about what it is that they’re doing and saying rather than keep on going.

If you are truly interested in supporting the democratic process, then rather than trying to break into a government building, you would support the democratic process. I don’t think a a good chunk of people who are essentially committing some form of terrorism are interested in upholding the democratic process so much as they are interested in not accepting that their desired candidate lost an election.

A while ago I touched on this, not knowing as much of the picture as I do now. Whilst I stand by some of what I said, I don’t stand by parts of it and, had I made myself more aware of the underlying reasons behind those protests, I imagine I would have been much more thoughtful and understanding with what I wrote.

I think that protest is important and the will of the people is something that needs to be recognised more often. That said, I don’t think what is happening at the moment is something that should be supported.

Essentially what I’m saying is that what I said in the past was from a position of ignorance and I should have thought more about what was going on before I commented. That’s not to say I’m any less ignorant now; There’s a lot to unpack and know regarding what was happening then.

I feel the protesting then was much more warranted. Whilst I don’t feel the same about the current “protesting” against the election results, I do support the right to protest. I think that, given the circumstances and the lead up to what is currently happening, this particular event should not be supported. This is one that should be condemned and disparaged.

People need to think about their actions and what they’re putting out into the world. I don’t think enough of this is done, though perhaps it is and some people just don’t care about what their actions lead to. If that is the case, then that feels very much like a great shame.

I do hope that people come out of what is going on okay and I do hope that The United States of America moves toward a path of prosperity and progress that has the environment and the populace treated better, and I don’t mean just some people and small portions of the environment; I mean the whole thing.

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with power, and some wield it with great irresponsibility.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:55:39

I probably should have spent more time on this.

Written at home.


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2 Responses to Five-Hundred Word Challenge 854: A Rant on Today

  1. rararach says:

    “There is a lot of responsibility that comes with power, and some wield it with great irresponsibility.”


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