Masato Kouda: Monster Hunter

I think with this bit of writing I was trying to find a balance of describing imagery and feeling, and what the instrumentation was doing. It’s all quite surface and imbalanced, I think. That said, I do think that some of the imagery is as strong as I could make it over two listens given my fatigued state.

Masato Kouda’s (甲田 雅人) “Monster Hunter” is also known as “Proof of a Hero”. It’s a composition with quite a few variants now, but the one I wrote about is from the first Monster Hunter and found on the albums Monster Hunter Soundtrack Book and Monster Hunter Hunting Music Collection ~ 3rd Anniversary Commemorative Best Track ~.

I hope you enjoy.

Brass rises, sounding awakening to an extent, but before it all becomes bombast the music brings in its elements and goes down to the valley, showing rivers, greenery, vibrant life. It all appears idyllic, and perhaps it is. There is a sense of peace and wonder that permeates the flowing of the scenery.

There is a pause, and some wind instruments make an announcement. Something disturbing the atmosphere. The music shifts and the raising of tension and danger become prominent. Percussion beats away as sounds build on each other. The danger increases in prominence, brass sounds out, more percussion and then it all pulls back for another moment. A sort of pause.

A quiet call of sorts as the music builds up once more. Soft, then the striking announcement of pushing back. The chance to fight off the danger is there and it is being taken. The tides have turned.

Another brief pause and a rumble. Now the final moment is at hand. A dance in this battle is found. Hope and desire may be realised and victory may be at hand, but before that final moment the song’s last notes ring out and it comes to an end.

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