One Thousand Word Challenge 119: A City

There upon a vast expanse lies a city paved with oddities, though they shall not be described, for describing them shall take far too much time.

In this city it feels empty, though in truth it is full of liveliness not living lively at all. People get on with their day and trudge through tedium and banality in order to make sure they feel fulfilled in some manner. However, not all is like this and there certainly is a liveliness that seeks to be alive and so embraces such a thing. This is something that helps spread a sense of vibrancy in areas and sometimes brings out the best in those that embrace the idea of liveliness as an actuality and not just a superficial imitation. That said, it needs to be understood that this is not what is considered as the normal, and so this is often something frowned upon by the general populace.

The city itself does have some sense of wildlife to it, though that wildlife often is seen as an inconvenience spreading in pest form, though truth be told the wildlife was there before the city and its inhabitants and so they are just trying to survive in what they feel is their habitat. They know not what it was before anymore; they just know as to what it currently is and how it is that they need to do in order to keep on surviving.

There are some park areas, though these are mostly relegated to very small spaces compared to what else occupies the space. Whilst only existing in comparatively small areas, they are often seen as something numerous. They spread out across the city’s breadth in a complex, semi-connected network and leave something to provide a sense of decompression for those who feel as though it is something that they need to seek in order to cope with the business of the everyday happenings that consist of what it is that make up their lives. Whilst not initially considered as something important, those that have worked toward developing the city have grown to understand why the parkland network is necessary and so they do their best to maintain it to a minimum standard whilst resisting allowing it to spread out further, for there is development that needs to take place and the suggestion of natural landscape does not help with expanding building networks in their eyes.

Of course there is always the possibility of bringing together concrete and flora, but this is not something that is desired in designs as of yet… or at least, not desired much.

The buildings rise tall and gray, though sometimes they appear in other earthen-like colours. Whilst there seems to be some sort of pattern in where certain buildings are developed and placed, often there is none in certain areas. Perhaps initially there was, but as time goes on certain structures are torn down to be replaced with the newest trends and developments in architecture, and so whilst from a distance the city appears uniform, in many areas it is anything but. It holds a strong identity, yet lacks one due to the gradual breakdown of that which is in order to try and fracture it into that which once was. Some of the history remains, but as parts of it are replaced with something new, a little more is lost. Of course there are parts that need to be replaced over time, but in the way that it is handled it is as though there is no interest in carefully working things so as to tell a story.

At night the city illuminates in many places, if only for a brief set of hours. There is a life at night at the expense of the life that should be there. The intensity of the glow often shows where areas highly visited are, and through happenstance this creates a gradual flow in lighting throughout the city. There is no patchwork here and so, from a distance, it creates something interesting to view. The lights too also seem to fade in a certain way, creating the suggested image of a tail shrinking into an amorphous, yet distinct body, until it too is time for the body to find rest. On weekends the body remains for longer, as does some of the tail; during the weekdays there are far less lights on into the late evening and so the display is much more likely to disappear sooner rather than later.

Whilst this is appreciated by many of the residents, often it is that the effect of the lights on what exists in the area naturally is ignored, or brushed aside for the sake of convenience, for the city, with its labyrinthine and, at times convoluted design carries a certain sense of convenience and comfort that many do not want to challenge, for they are born in the city and seldom leave it on a permanent basis, for the comfort and safety that it provides is all they could ever want. It provides something that they don’t want to challenge and critique, and so those who choose to challenge the notion of what the city is are often disparaged or ignored, for the city can do no wrong and those that provide administration for the city can do no wrong. Those who live in the city also are not to be challenged on topics such as these, for they have accepted the convenience of the city and have allowed themselves to be integrated as part of it in a metaphorical sense.

When most is off and dawn gradually approaches, the city itself seems much smaller and abandoned than it actually is; at least, in the current time, for there may arrive a point in the future where it does become small, and perhaps it truly is, as for all of what the city represents, it too may grow into its own vestige, worn down by the gradual passing of time.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 20:40:90

This took much longer than I had hoped, but I’m content with the result.

Sort of fantasy based on reality and perhaps not descriptive enough, but it creates an image with just enough detail, though maybe not enough.

This is something that I might try to connect to something else.

Written at home.

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