One Thousand Word Challenge 120: From Sydney to Melbourne

On the most recent Friday past I drove to Melbourne.

Family stuff. Not getting into it as it’s not the point of this writing, other than giving a slight explanation as to why. will say, however, that originally it was just for the purposes of going on a trip for a few days and seeing family, but things change.

Anyway, it was an early morning start. Before the hour known as being seven in the morning I left for what ended up being a drive stretching out for a longer amount of time than I had anticipated, but such is the way of things at certain times.

Leaving Sydney was a fairly straightforward process. I had written turns down the night prior so as to make sure I went the correct way. Certainly made things easier and traffic wasn’t too bad, so I think that it’s fair to say that the whole “getting moving” thing was easy, but then again, the whole trip was mostly easy.

I took a detour through Wollongong for breakfast and, instead of deciding to leave the fastest way out, I instead took a further detour via Macquarie Pass. The aim was to get to The Hume Highway and from what I could tell, the trek only added a few minutes. I can say with confidence that I will do my best to avoid Macquarie Pass as much as possible.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with it being a winding road up an escarpment, though I don’t quite handle winding roads too well sometimes; The issue I had was that parts of the road are going to (relatively speaking) soon be quite undercut and potentially collapse. It’s not something I want to be on when it happens.

Saw The Big Potato for the second time on the way to The Hume, which I was somewhat-happy about.

Anyway, took to The Hume, took advantage of cruise control a fair bit and drove on all the way to Melbourne. There were a few stops along the way of course, for there was the need to rest. Sometimes there was the need to eat.

It was a long drive and my detour added a bit more time than I had expected, but such is the way of things. The landscape felt massive in places; something of which I greatly appreciated. It was pleasing to my eyes and I was glad I could take it in without dropping concentration on driving. There were a few spots where I wanted to stop to take photos, but most I didn’t feel confident enough in doing so as there were no rest stops in some of the places and so I didn’t take the risk. Sure, I could have stopped on the side of the road in the emergency stopping lane, but… yeah. Didn’t feel confident in that being a good idea.

I had hoped that I would get into Melbourne before sunset, but due to the added time it was not to be and so by the time I reached Albury the sun was setting. I still had quite a few hours before I would reach Melbourne due to more stops and my being capped at a certain speed due to provisional licensing restrictions, but I kept on going.

I’ve seen a few people say that the drive to Melbourne is fatiguing; that it can be a slog to do in one day. One of my housemates have said the same and my partner raised concerns about it, but in my stubborn existence I did not take heed of the words. I hadn’t done the drive myself before, but I have spent a lot of time driving from Sydney to Melbourne and vice versa. That’s not to say that I was necessarily prepared, but I feel that, even though the distance of time from those drives to now was somewhat-great, they helped in a way. Maybe I’m just trying to convince myself, and admittedly until I took to the road I was feeling a great deal of apprehension and stress about the drive, but I digress.

Personally I didn’t find it that hard a drive, nor that fatiguing; part of which I imagine was due to using cruise control. There was a lot to see and a few things to appreciate and overall it was alright. However, where I felt the drive became more of a challenge was driving at night, as at that point all I had was the road and the silhouettes of objects.

Also cars with their lights being too strong for that kind of driving. It wasn’t fun needing to drive whilst partially ducking due to all mirrors no longer being viable for use. Still made it in one piece, however.

Eventually I reached Melbourne, but instead of heading straight for where my family lived I went to Point Cook. A friend of mine had moved there the week prior and I was dropping off the last of his stuff for him. It was one of the easiest parts of the drive; even when I went the wrong way.

I dropped his stuff off, we had an emotional hug, then I headed back off and to where my family resides, which also was quite easy. There were no unintentional detours and once I knew where I was, it was easy enough to follow directions. By that point though I was tired. I’d been on the road since about twenty minutes before seven in the morning and it was now around eleven at night. Still, I managed to do the drive in one piece. No accidents, though not much thinking and introspection, though of course that’s fine. Not every drive needs to involve getting deep into yourself. Sometimes it’s better not to and instead focus on the goal at hand, which in this case was get to Melbourne in one piece.

That being said, the drive certainly was one that would’ve suited introspection well, but I was fine without any.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 21:27:11

Slower than I had hoped.
Also hoped to talk more about the landscape, but instead this ended up being a meandering summary. Oh well.

Written at home.

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