HOME: Resonance

This one was written over three listens.
“Resonance” is a song I’m familiar with but I found this easier to write than some of the other songs I’ve written about.

With this I was mostly looking to describe what was happening with the song but I delved into imagery. It was early on, but I ended up moving the imagery closer to the end as I felt it worked better there.

HOME’s “Resonance” is from Odyssey.
I hope you enjoy.

Synth seems to throb whilst moving about. Soon another soon comes in and builds on the melody, echoing whilst it also moves. The sounds are filling out and it’s not long before the beat comes in.

The beat stays steady, giving greater definition to the flow. The music seems open and cool, almost expansive and yet linear. The synths keep on moving forward and the groove carries easily. The song is not quite rhythmic and yet it is.

Something a little lighter, though almost like a muted twinkling comes in and the beat pulls away. It’s almost a breather, but perhaps there has been no need to pause for breath.

The beat returns, though only as the kick. The music seems to be building up to something, or at least rising. Then the beat comes back in full and the song moves through its closing.

The sounds continue to rise and reach upward and forward. It is the culmination of the warm and carefree feel of the song; Maybe it speaks of the idea of driving under a sky mostly free of clouds and along the coast, though maybe it speaks of a city at night, busy and yet still.

The sounds keep steady and muted, yet vibrant until they reach a point where they drop away and the song ends.


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