Principles of Geometry: Hauntitled

This was written over four listens.
I didn’t aim for anything other than writing about the song. Didn’t try to lean toward description of what was happening or any imagery or suggested emotion and just let stuff come forward.

A bit messy, but it mostly gets the idea across.

Slight aside: I discovered this song through its music video which is also a trailer for the album… I think.

Principles of Geometry’s “Hauntitled” is from Burn the Land & Boil the Oceans.

I hope you enjoy.

A bass sound looking for a path, then the beat comes in and the bass starts grooving away. Lock and step the rhythm is, keeping it all down and moving and grooving. The higher synth comes in, playing with space, keeping it all cool and gliding. It’s muted, soft but present, building on the rhythm.

The song keeps its space and perhaps feels a little warm and as though it is something of yesteryear’s sounds of nostalgia, but that’s perhaps due to how it carries itself. Maybe it isn’t nostalgia, but more of a desire to co-opt and rehash, but it still walks tall and without a care.

A slight pause before going for one more quick loop, then on one final sound of muted synth rings out its clear, brief notes the song ends.


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