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Peter Gabriel: Fourteen Black Paintings

This was slowly written over three listens. I was aiming to avoid imagery (I think) and I mostly succeeded. Still, this doesn’t say too much about the song, though maybe that’s okay. I hope you enjoy. — Woodwind comes in, … Continue reading

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A Poem About Being Sideways

So right now I’m taking an ear antibiotic due to reasons. Spend a good few hours with my head tilted, or at least lying sideways whilst I wait for the antibiotic to settle. It’s annoying, but not something I can’t … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 128: Doing the Thing

There’s this thing that I am listening to right now and I thought I wouldn’t listen to it ever. It’s… interesting. Not sure if it is good. However, that does not matter right now. What matters is that the day … Continue reading

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Rooftop Parking

Here’s a photo I took at the start of last month. A still scene, I think. Rather quiet and rather empty. I like the sense of space here as the area is open, but due to the large shade it … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 977: Burning Mouth

With a sense of aggrievement and a mouth burning blue, they made their dash to whatever sauce of cooling they could find. This was not what one would refer to as an ideal situation and it was one entirely of … Continue reading

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